Vice-Premier repels Novaya Gazeta's accusations of lobbying interests of his nephew's defense company

Vice-Premier repels Novaya Gazeta's accusations of lobbying interests of his nephew's defense company
Photo in Roman Rogozin's passport from Fotoelektronnye Pribory (Photoelectronic devices) coincides with photographs of nephew, whose photo the Vice-Premier published on Twitter Photo: Novaya Gazeta

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia stated that he had never had a nephew, and advised journalists to "check your facts".

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin responds to the publication of Novaya Gazeta, which claims that he is lobbying the interests of the strategic enterprise Fotoelektronnye Pribory, which board of directors includes his "nephew Roman." Rogozin says that he "has never had any nephews" and advises journalists to "check their facts".

"There are about 1500 enterprises in the MIC registry, it is likely that among the two million of employees there are not only Ivanovs, Petrovs and Sidorovs, but also my relatives," Rogozin writes on his Facebook page. According to the Vice-Premier, among his relatives there is a "young officer named Roman", however, he has never worked in commercial structures.

Earlier, Novaya Gazeta published a material about the Fotoelektronnye Pribory company, which was supposed to produce a matrix for infrared scanner. The enterprise was established in 2013, but it has never started production. The Fotoelektronnye Pribory board of directors included son of FSB General Sergey Beseda Alexey and Roman Rogozin. The journalists studied Beseda’s correspondence hacked in 2014 and found documents a Dmitry Rogozin’s draft message to Vnesheconombank director with a request to provide credit to Fotoelektronnye Pribory. When asked whether he had lobbied his nephew’s interests, the Vice Premier said he did not have a nephew.

On the morning of February 27, Novaya Gazeta responded to Rogozin's comment. The edition indicated that in 2010-2011 Rogozin repeatedly mentioned "nephew Roman" in his Twitter. After the publication about Fotoelektronnye Pribory most of these tweets were removed, but they stored in Google's cache.

The Vice-Premier also shared the link to his nephew's LJ. Date of birth in his profile - July 3 - coincides with the birth date of Roman Mikhailovich Rogozin from Fotoelektronnye Pribory. His full namesake also served on the boards of directors of the Ulyanovsk and Tula cartridges plants and worked as deputy director of the Industrial Technologies Group of Companies, which manufactures the Orsis rifles. Dmitry Rogozin repeatedly advertised these rifles; in the near future they should join the arsenal of Rosgvardiya. Annual reports of cartridge plants mention the year of the birth of Roman Rogozin. It coincides with the birth dates in the LJ profile of the Vice-Premier's nephew and passport of Roman Rogozin from the Fotoelektronnye Pribory. In addition, the photo in Rogozin's passport jumps upon photographs of the nephew, which the Vice-Premier published on Twitter.

Novaya Gazeta writes that previous deputy director of Industrial Technologies was son of Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Rogozin. After Dmitry Rogozin's appointment as Vice-Premier, his son left the company to "avoid conflict of interest." However, after a while, Roman Rogozin was appointed the deputy director.



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