Users report man who called for murder of security forces’ children

Users report man who called for murder of security forces’ children
Max Steklov

A certain Max Steklov said that it was necessary to ensure that the children of law enforcement officers who maintained order at rallies did not return from school.

Users of social networks expressed not only criticism, but also insults at the message of user Max Steklov, who called for the police and riot police to be identified, so that their children “would not come back from school once.”

“They will look at the cute happy family photos, study geolocation, and then the children of the valiant law enforcement officers will not come back from school one day. Instead of the child, they will receive a CD with a snuff video,” he left such a comment under the message of another user, condemning the actions of law enforcers during the unauthorized rally in Moscow on July 27.

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Users called Steklov an animal.

“One must be a moral freak to threaten children,” one of the Twitter users wrote.

Some users wrote that they had reported the man to law enforcement agencies.

 On July 27, the first unauthorized rally was held in Moscow. According to Prosecutor's Office, calls to visit 13 Tverskaya Street, where the city hall is located, were spread on social networks.

It was organized by politicians, who were not registered as candidates to the Moscow City Duma due to exceeding the number of invalid signatures. The police reported that 1,074 people were detained for various offenses during the rally.



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