US Ambassador urges Russia not to react too emotionally to 'Kremlin report'

US Ambassador urges Russia not to react too emotionally to 'Kremlin report'
The US State Department

According to John Huntsman, the Congress may decide not to disclose the report.

US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman has commented on Moscow’s reaction to the so-called 'Kremlin report', which will contain a list of new sanction measures against Russian officials and businessmen. According to Huntsman, Russia should react more calmly.

“After all, the relations between our countries cannot be confined only to this one legal act. And I was reminded of this in Washington, where I was two weeks ago,” Huntsman said in an interview with Interfax, adding that the US Congress will soon decide whether the report will be published or not.

“There’s nothing new in what will happen on January 29. It's just the implementation of the August voting results. Some call it a ‘list’, but it’s really not,” the ambassador noted.

To recall, the report was prepared by American authorities as part of the act Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). Particular attention is paid to section 241, which provides for the preparation of the so-called “Kremlin report” containing information on “high-ranking officials and oligarchs” close to the leadership of the Russian Federation.

As previously reported by the media, more than 50 people can enter the new blacklist can. Their accounts will be frozen in the US, and they will be prohibited from entering the United States.



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