Ural court reinstates deputy mayor of Nefteyugansk

Ural court reinstates deputy mayor of Nefteyugansk
Sergey Lagoyda

The city administration intends to appeal the decision.

The court of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District reinstated the deputy mayor of Nefteyugansk, Sergey Lagoyda, who has been dismissed due to loss of confidence. Because of Lagoyda, the investigating bodies initiated a criminal case against the city head, Sergey Degtyarev. The administration of Nefteyugansk intends to appeal the court decision, TASS reports.

“Sergey Lagoyda has been reinstated since September 13, [2018]. A compensation for forced absenteeism was recovered,” Lagoyda’s official representative Yuri Iskhakov said.

Earlier, Dyagterev dismissed Lagoyda on negative grounds. Nefteyugansk’s District Court sided with the mayor's office, but the deputy head of the city filed an appeal.

After Lagoyda’s dismissal, the FSB conducted a search in Dyagterev’s office, and the regional directorate of the ICR initiated a criminal case. The mayor of Nefteyugansk complained about the security forces to the prosecutor’s office, and the supervisory authority terminated the case against Degtyarev.



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