‘Unsinkable’ Deputy: 50-million-ruble debts, criminal cases, and ‘authoritative’ friends 

‘Unsinkable’ Deputy: 50-million-ruble debts, criminal cases, and ‘authoritative’ friends
Bailiffs have ruined a weekend for Deputy Igor Chemeris who was going to relax in Japan with his family Photo: The CrimeRussia

Igor Chemeris, Deputy of the Primorsky Krai Parliament, is prohibited from travelling abroad – he owes almost 50 million rubles ($810.8 thousand) to a private company. Sources believe that the parliamentarian goes bankrupt on purpose. However, despite the heavy debt burden, Igor Chemeris successfully continues his political career. The CrimeRussia was figuring out how a politician with dark past manages to stay afloat.

The beauty of a debt is bankruptcy

Bailiffs have ruined a weekend for Deputy Igor Chemeris representing Edinaya Rossia (United Russia) Party in the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Krai who was going to relax in Japan with his family. The people’s choice was prohibited from visiting the land of the rising sun and enjoying blooming sakura because of a debt. @Rozochkatsvetochek (Chimeris’ Hair) Telegram Channel has reported this on behalf of Igor’s wife Roza Chemeris.

“...A surprise today. After the Municipal Duma session, I was rushing to the airport in crazy tango rhythm to fly with the husband and children to Japan for a couple of days. I did it, but ultimately flew only with children because some Chemeris (not me) managed to accrue and forget to pay a number of traffic tickets. But the emperor’s watchful eye is wide awake, and this is good. And you say: governmental mechanisms are working poorly in this county. No, everything is working fine!” – the author of @Rozochkatsvetochek wrote.

In fact, Igor Chemeris has only one unpaid ticket in the amount of 500 rubles ($8); the amount of its execution writ is 1000 rubles ($16). Injunctive measures are never imposed in relation to such sums. However, the Deputy of the Regional Parliament has another indebtedness in the amount of 49 million rubles($794.6 thousand) – this is why he is prohibited from leaving the county. Interestingly, this injunctive measure has been imposed back in 2016, but the Deputy continues his attempts to go abroad.

The debt collection claim was heard in Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow. It pertained to the recovery of a debt incurred under a loan agreement with Pacific Power Company Open Joint Stock Company chaired by Igor Chemeris and founded by Raziyat Gasanova (currently known as Roza Chemeris), daughter of Elmira Glubokovskaya, Deputy of the State Duma representing the Primorsky krai. Based on the documents, Pacific Power Company had specialized in production of metal engineering structures and articles. According to Focus.kontur.ru database, in 2017, the enterprise has ceased its operations through the bankruptcy procedure. In 2016, the company had 71 million rubles ($1.2 million) on its balance sheet, while its net loss was 109 million rubles ($1.8 million). It is necessary to note that some Setstroykomplekt Limited Liability Company has filed a lawsuit against Pacific Power Company back on August 21, 2014. Details of that commercial dispute remain unknown. The CrimeRussia sources suppose that the parliamentarian is purposively driving himself to bankruptcy. According to the Consolidated State Register of Legal Entities, both Pacific Power Company and Setstroykomplekt, whom Chemeris owes 49 million rubles ($794.6 thousand), are affiliated with Cyprus-based Matuas Co Limited offshore company. In the course of the bankruptcy procedure, the Deputy’s money may be siphoned off to an offshore territory.


Igor Chemeris

Despite his heavy indebtedness, Chemeris sharply criticizes the performance of tax authorities. At a session of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Krai, the Deputy has reprimanded Galina Kolesnikova, Head of the Administration for the Primorsky Krai of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, for poor work of her agency.


“Tax notices come to an address I don’t reside at for 15 years already. I had a conversation with the tax service of the town of Artem where I don’t reside. I am registered at a different address; I file the tax declaration and want to pay my taxes in a timely manner. But it is difficult to pay taxes if the notices come to a place you don’t reside at,” – complained Igor Chemeris. 

Humble income and plentiful assets 

According to his official declaration, Igor Chemeris has earned 5.35 million rubles (286.7 thousand) in 2017 – i.e. 446 thousand rubles ($7.2 thousand) per month. With such a humble income, he is among the three richest Deputies of the Primorsky krai. The people’s choice owns a humble Toyota Alphard. It must be noted though that aspiring politician Roza Chemeris, Deputy of the Vladivostok Municipal Duma, has declared an income of 6.66 million rubles ($108 thousand) for the year of 2017. A year earlier, her income was half as much – 3.08 million rubles ($49.9 thousand). Roza Chemeris owns a land lot 600 square meters in size, residential home with a living space of 400 square meters, and a mini-fleet of vehicles: Mercedes-Benz GL500, BMW 750LI, and Mercedes-Benz GLS 400.


Roza and Igor Chemeris

The official income of the Chemeris family differs drastically from year to year. In 2015, the Deputy has earned only 650 thousand rubles ($10.5 thousand), while his spouse – 3.15 million rubles ($51.1 thousand). In 2016, Igor Chemeris has declared an income of 9.2 million rubles ($149.2 thousand), while Roza Chemeris – 3 million rubles ($48.6 thousand). 


Currently the couple owns shares in some 10 companies. Roza Chemeris is a cofounder of Tikhookeanskoe Partnerstvo (Pacific Partnership) Joint Stock Company specializing in jewelry production. Stanislav Igorevich Chemeris is its General Director. His family ties with Deputy Igor Stanislavovich Chemeris can be easily tracked. 

Deputy Igor Chemeris was a cofounder of Zemlya Vostoka (Land of the East) company specializing in commercial real estate and currently undergoing liquidation. In 2017, he became a cofounder of Dalnevostochnoe Partnerstvo (Far East Partnership) that, according to Focus.kontur.ru database, “provides other financial services, except for insurance and pension services”. Jet Star company founded by Roza Chemeris has a similar specialty. The spouse of the regional Deputy also owns FishTrade company. Up until August 2017, Roza Chemeris was among the founders of Khabarovsk-based Stroyenergoservis company.


Roza Chemeris

Through gambling business to the politics 

Igor Chemeris joined the big business back in the 1990s – at that time, the Primorsky krai was one of the most crime-ridden regions of Russia. Chemeris started running an automotive business in Artem, a satellite town of Vladivostok. He has founded a holding company and later took charge of a Noncommercial Association of Passenger Carriers. But few are aware that the main and most profitable asset of Chemeris was Alen Limited Liability Company having a number of subsidiary structures specializing in private security services, casino, nightclub, restaurant, and hotel businesses. 

Gambling business was a priority for Chemeris who used to the President of the Gambling Business Association of the Primorsky Krai founded by him. A number of respectable and authoritative people were members of this association, including ex-Governor Sergei Darkin.


Ex-Governor Sergei Darkin

The success of Igor Chemeris in the gambling business was astonishing (his ties with the criminal world had contributed to this), and in 2004, he started climbing to power. The businessman became a Deputy of the Vladivostok Municipal Duma and took charge of the Committee for Budget, Taxes, and Finances. 

‘Authoritative’ friends and law enforcement officials 

His partner in those years was Viktor Alekseenkov, also known as the leader of Alekseevskie organized criminal group. A high-profile assassination attempt was later committed against Alekseenkov: a mine has exploded close to him in the yard of an office building on Komsomolskaya street. His driver-bodyguard was killed, while the criminal ‘authority’ and his teenage son were wounded. 

Another partner of Chemeris was Dmitry Glotov, ex-President of the Association of Fishery Enterprises of the Primorsky Krai and ex-Member of the Presidium of the Regional Council of Edinaya Rossia Party. Glotov and Chemeris were involved together in a semi-criminal story. In October 2007, some brave state road inspectors have towed away a Mercedes belonging to the wife of Glotov to an impound yard for illegal parking. Glotov has arrived to the impound yard together with Chemeris to rescue the car and cruelly battered its director. For Glotov, this story has ultimately resulted in a criminal prosecution for threat of murder, escape abroad, international warrant, arrest, and trial. Chemeris somehow managed to get off the hook – the degree of his involvement into the crime was not identified, and he was just a witness in that case. 

After the ‘turbulent 1990s’, Chemeris has been steadily climbing up the political ladder. In 2011, he was elected a Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Krai and became a Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Social Policy and Citizens’ Rights Protection. But in late July 2012, colonel Sergei Yakovlev, Deputy Police Chief of the Administration for the Primorsky Krai of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation, has been arrested for exceedance of official powers and bribe-taking for patronage of illegal gambling business. The investigation of that case has brought the operatives of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) to the office of parliamentarian Igor Chemeris. However, the Deputy managed to abscond to Ukraine to deal with some urgent matters. He had been dealing there with the ‘urgent matters’ for almost a year. In early 2013, the investigation has suddenly reclassified Chemeris from a suspect to a witness in the gambling case, and the Deputy returned to Vladivostok. 


Sergei Yakovlev, Deputy Police Chief of the MIA Administration for the Primorsky Krai

In pursuit of his political ambitions, Igor Chemeris became a candidate for the Vladivosok Mayor in 2017 (to refresh background: former Mayor Pushkarev is currently languishing in prison). However, the Municipal Duma has defeated the candidacy of Chemeris. The CrimeRussia sources have no doubt that in fall 2018, the regional Deputy is going to run for the Governor of the Primorsky Krai.




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