United Russia party MP explains right of officials to buy expensive cars

United Russia party MP explains right of officials to buy expensive cars
Alexander Maximov

According to the parliamentarian, lawmakers are led by the nose by envious people imposing a ban on luxury.

In the State Duma, deputy from United Russia Alexander Maximov opposed the introduction of a ban on buying cars worth more than 2 million rubles for government officials. According to the parliamentarian, it is necessary to educate officials, and not to be led by the Russian people, who "traditionally" does not like "rich, intelligent and educated people," RIA Novosti reports.

“And whom Russian people traditionally do not like? Traditionally, rich, intelligent and educated people. When we raise such questions from this rostrum, we unwittingly are led by the nose by the development of these negative qualities. If a person takes place, if he is not ordinary, he has the right to all these benefits. <...> We need to talk about culture, education of officials. You can not regulate everything - cars, toilet paper, perfume, coffee, tea accessories. We need to talk about bringing up a person,” said Maximov.

In response, a deputy from A Just Russia Valery Hartung asked why smart and accomplished people should drive expensive cars at state expense. Deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Vasily Vlasov gave an example of abuse of power - the Moscow City Duma ordered a vehicle with a nine-speaker audio system. “As the Moscow City Duma deputy cannot work if there are no nine speakers in his car,” Vlasov explained.

The deputy chairman of the United Russia faction, Andrey Isaev, asked not to take Maximov’s words as a manifestation of snobbery and called his phrase an unsuccessful figure of speech. “We make our decisions in the interests of all citizens, and we strive to make these decisions optimal,” Isaev concluded.

The draft law banning the spending of state funds from 2 million rubles for the purchase, rental, and alteration of cars was deflected by State Duma deputies.

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