United Russia has found replacement for Belykh as the governor

United Russia has found replacement for Belykh as the governor

"United Russia" will nominate senator Vyacheslav Timchenko for the post of Kirov governor instead of arrested for a bribe Nikita Belykh

RIA Novosti was informed about it by its informed source in the management of party, even though earlier the deputy secretary of the General Council of United Russia, Andrey Isaev, said that at the Presidium of United Russia the question wasn’t brought up.

Another member of the party, Nikolai Pankov, noted that "there are many worthy candidates” and the party will recommend for the post of Kirov governor only those, who have passed internal Party vote.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday, RIA Novosti with reference to other source called completely different contenders for the post, in case of the resignation of Belykh.

One of them was the chief of the Kirov police - Solodovnikov, the other - the deputy of the State Duma, Valenchuk.

Meanwhile, senator Timchenko has denied the information about his possible nomination for the governor’s post, recalling that Nikita Belykh is still the governor, and any talks about the candidates to replace him are premature.

Recall that the governor of the Kirov region was detained by the Federal Secutiry Service (FSB) and the Investigative Committee officers in Moscow on June 24th and by the court’s decision was detained until August 24th. He is accused of taking a bribe amounted to 400 000 euros, which may lead to imprisonment for a term of 8 to 15 years. 

On Monday, 27th of June, the Communist fraction in the Kirov region promised to consider a vote of no-confidence against Belykh. On the same day the cabinet meeting is scheduled to discuss the governor’s detention.

It is also known that the functions of the governor a.i. are going to be performed by all his deputies until the appointment of a new head of the region.



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