United Russia deputy proposes to turn off electricity at poor homes at night

United Russia deputy proposes to turn off electricity at poor homes at night
Ekaterina Borisova Photo: Nakanune.ru

The MP found a way to fight electricity theft.

Ekaterina Borisova, a United Russia deputy of the Chita City Council, made a proposal to turn off the electricity in poor people’s homes at night. This is her way of fighting electricity theft that has reached record levels.

Borisova made a statement at a meeting of the housing and utilities committee; she said:

"Actually, it would make sense to cut off the lights at night for them, the way they do in summer cottages; and the heat wouldn’t be on."

In addition, she said that non-payers should perform compulsory socially works. One of the townspeople said in an interview with Zab.ru that in a barrack where she lives they simply could not do without electricity at night, because refrigerators and other household appliances are plugged in around the clock: she said:

 “Let her turn off her electricity instead, to save on it! We’re underprivileged enough: there’s no toilet, we carry water, stock the fire, and now have to turn off the lights for the night? <...> Does she suggest that we walk with a candle?” the woman says indignantly.

Nikolai Kargin, the Human Rights Ombudsman for Transbaikalia, sided with the barrack residents saying that the apartments could not be disconnected because there might be small children and old people there, while non-payers should be dealt with individually. The deputy continues to push forward her initiative, however, arguing that there is no other way out. 80% of the barrack inhabitants do not pay for electricity but still use it to heat their homes.



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