Undeclared wife of land tycoon lawmaker Mikhail Slipenchuk 

Undeclared wife of land tycoon lawmaker Mikhail Slipenchuk
Mikhail Slipenchuk, Anna Dorosh

There is no doubt that Russian officials are not poor people, but some of them exceed all expectations. One shining example is Mikhail Viktorovich Slipenchuk.⁠

Mikhail Slipenchuk is a very versatile man: a billionaire, an athlete, a public figure, a lawmaker, and a scholar. He is the founder and leader of the Metropol group of companies. The official declaration for the revenues in 2015 states some 400 (387, to be precise) plots of land across Russia, two areas in Congo, and one apartment in France.

Dark spots in Slipenchuk’s biography  

Major success often comes with major trouble, hence Slipenchuk was also featured in a number of high-profile cases with criminal odor. In 2000, Mikhail Viktorovich was trying to become the sole owner of the Metropol Investment Financial Company, established togther with the chairman of the Metropol Bank Aydar Kotyuzhanskiy. Initially, the partners could not reach an agreement. However, in January 2001, a few Zhiguil cars exploded near the CSKA sport complex, close to Kotyuzhanskiy’s BMW. Apparently, after this accident the banker changed his view on life, and after a couple of months transferred his share in the bank to Slipenchuk. Regarding the issues of explosions, Slipenchuk stated that he did not use such methods, and the sale of the company’s shares had already been stipulated by that time.

Михаил Слипенчук

A few years ago, another unpleasant story occurred, associated with bribery of public officials and attempted murder. In 2011, an entrepreneur Tatyana Balzamova borrowed 20 million euros from her friend Mikhail Slipenchuk to develop a certain project. Eventually, the money disappeared, while the Russian Investigative Committee started questioning, where the newly appointed parliament member had obtained such a great sum (Slipenchuk won a place in the State Duma in 2011). According to the investigation, Slipenchuk’s advisor Sergey Veselovskiy debited 5.437.110 euros and 16 million euros from the accounts of his boss in Rosbank and OBI-Bank respectively, though the official declarations mentioned that the lawmaker had only 160.831 rubles and about 1.8 billion rubles. 

It is worth noting that Slipenchuk was featured in the infamous Panama Papers. It turns out that he forgot to declare his foreign assets, despite the fact that the law prohibits a lawmaker from owning any company abroad. Slipenchuk dismissed the accusations and said that he had sold the firm a long time ago. But apparently, the leadership of the United Russia party, which values ​​its reputation and "incorruptible" brand, has decided not to allow Slipenchuk to the primaries of the country’s main party. Although, to be precise, the candidate himself wrote a statement renouncing his right for the participation in the primaries. This year, he is running from Boris Titov’s Party of Growth. By the way, Slipenchuk had already been recognized as the richest candidate of this party, with an annual income of 295 million rubles. In 2013 and 2014, he had the second largets income among members of the State Duma, but that hardly gave him any trouble sleeping: 387 declared plots of land in Russia, France and the Congo are a fine consolation.

Recent scandals involving Slipenchuk include the collapse of his International Joint-Stock Bank (MAB). Its license was withdrawn on February 3, 2016, due to violation of banking legislation in the credit risk assessment. It would seem that the banks in Russia are closing every day. However, this particular case was far from ordinary, because one of the major bank depositors was a state unitary enterprise Almazjuvelirexport, subordinated to Ministry of Finance. In Russia, a license revocation is often followed by a criminal case, and MAB was no exception. The former head of Almazjuvelirexport Viktor Afonin and his brother Boris stand accused of embezzlement of MAB’s funds, more than 1 billion. The brothers are charged with Swindling on an especially large scale, committed by a group of persons (part 4 of art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code). They currently remain under arrest until October 5. There is no information about the nature of Mikhail Slipenchuk’s involvement in the events, and the land tycoon himself did not give any comments on the situation.

The never-married spouse

Mikhail Viktorovich is an exemplary family man, he has a beautiful wife, Anna, and three sons: Grigory (born August 16, 1996), Trifon (born February 27, 2012), and Miron (born October 1, 2013).

The eldest son, Grigory, is the child from the lawmaker’s first marriage. Now Grisha Slipenchuk is an adult and independent man, who studies in the same place as the rest of the offspring of the Russian elite - in London. Grigory loves luxury and is not shy to show it on his Instagram.

Григорий Слипенчук

Григорий СлипенчукДень рождения Григория Слипенчука

By the way, this is a famous rap-singer Busta Rhymes performing on Grigory’s birthday.

An extract from the UK real estate website www.192.com tells us that a certain Grigory Slipenchuk has an apartment in London.

Выписка из британского сайта недвижимости

Photo: extract from the UK real estate website www.192.com

In short, we are happy for young Grigory, as his future looks full of joy and hope.

The lawmaker’s beautiful wife Anna Dorosh is also living an equally eventful life. Anna is a former member of Slipenchuk’s IFC Metropol, who managed to win his heart. Her vivid life can be traced on Instagram. Anna sure loves to travel - photos from different countries follow one by one. Here, Anna is at the Cannes Film Festival.

Анна Дорош на Каннском фестивале

And here she is at the Olympic Games in Sochi, rooting for Russian athletes:

Анна Дорош на Олимпиаде в Сочи

Is striking that for all the well-being of the young family, its head conceals his wife, who is not featured in any declaration of income, from the day Slipenchuk entered the office in 2011. And this is very strange, because the lawmaker should definitely know the contents of the art. 8 of the Federal Law "On Combating Corruption". It states the following:

1. Information on their revenues, property and property liabilities and on revenues, property and property liabilities of their marital partners and minor children must be provided to a representative of hirer (employer) by:

1) individuals aspiring to positions in State or municipal service included in the lists established by regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation;

The first thought that comes to our mind in this situation is that illegal property is registered on an undeclared family member. However, according to an extract from the register, Anna owns only an apartment in her hometown of Chekhov.

To better understand the situation, the CrimeRussia addressed Anna herself. Her response was even more surprising: "I am in no way related to Slipenchuk M.V. I have never been married."

Ответ Анны Дорош

Multiple media outlets openly name Anna as Slipenchuk’s wife and her brother Sergey – his brother-in-law. Here are a number of publications, where Mikhail and Anna are mentioned as husband and wife:

1) The scandal involving the brother of Anna Dorosh at the election of the Liberal Democratic Party.

2) The same event covered in the Buryat newspaper.

3) Touching congratulations to Mikhail and Anna on occasion of childbirth. It is accompanied by a photo of a certain event, which strongly resembles a wedding. Although, maybe it is but an ordinary holiday of the IFC Metropol.

There is no photos with the spouse in Anna’s Instagram, where she reports almost every moment of her life. However, if you compare Instagram photos of Anna Dorosh and Slipenchuk’s son Grigory, they overlap suspiciously often.

Here, for instance, Mikhail and his sons are resting in Dubai, the date is February 16, 2015. By the way, the photo is commented by a certain Sergey Dorosh, who has no relation to Slipenchuk.

Михаил Слипенчук с сыновьями

Anna has been staying there almost at the same time (February 3, 2015).

Анна Дорош в Дубае

Let us be objective: Anna is a wealthy person, an assistant (possibly former) to General Director of IFC Metropol, so she can travel where and when he wants, and she has no need to travel with Slipenchuk’s family. Let us proceed.

Here Anna is resting in the O2 Lounge restaurant on the roof of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow (photo posted on August 1).

On August 2, Slipenchuk’s son also posted a photo, in the same place, from the same angle.

Анна Дорош и Григорий Слипенчук

Again, a coincidence? It may well be.

Furthermore, these coincidences continue. In August 2015, a famous British singer Craig David gives a concert in the luxurious five-star hotel Maxx Royal Kemer Resort in Turkey. In the forefront we can see the lawmaker’s son, Grigory Slipenchuk (photo dated August 6, 2015).

Григорий Слипенчук на концерте Крейга Дэвида

At the same concert, Anna Dorosh is having a ball (photo from August 5, 2015).

Анна Дорош на концерте Крейга Дэвида

However, if all of the previous coincidences can actually be considered accidental, here is a case when it cannot be disputed. We have Grisha Slipenchuk taking a photo at the wedding of Anna Dorosh’s brother, Sergey.

It is strange that the Slipenchuk’s son, who has "no relation" to Anna, heartily enjoys himself at the wedding of her brother.

Анна Дорош и Григорий Слипенчук на свадьбе Сергея Дороша

We do not think it is a coincidence.

In addition, in her Instagram, Anna posts a certificate of birth, and its date coincides with that of the lawmaker’s youngest son, Miron - October 1, 2013. The information about Slipenchuk’s children can be found on his official website.

Свидетельство о рождении Анны Дорош

Still, nowadays couples do not need to observe formalities, they might have simply registered a civil marriage. Next, another curious detail pops up - Anna uploaded the photos of her fan’s passport at the Olympic Games in Sochi. For an unexplained reason, the name of the girl there is pasted, but not very skillfully - if you look closely, you can see that the hidden word is Slipenchuk.

Паспорт болельщика Анны Дорош

So, she actually bears the name Slipenchuk, or bore for some time. Perhaps, Mikhail and Anna quickly got married and then divorced (in the interval between the filing of data on income), and there was no need to specify her in declaration? One could only guess. Meanwhile, Mikhail and Anna already have two children.

To get an answer to the awkward question of "Why did not the lawmaker mention his wife in the declaration?" the CrimeRussia sent a request to the Administration of the Russian President. From there, our request was referred to the State Duma, and further on, to the State Duma Commission for the control over reliability of data on income, property and property obligations, submitted by members of the State Duma. For now, the commission has not given us any response.

As for the reasons why lawmaker Mikhail Slipenchuk hides his wife in official sources, how it is associated with the Buryatia and Russian defense complex, you will be able to read in the second part of our investigation.



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