Ulyanovsk: MP to sue ICR for libel and damaging his business image

Ulyanovsk: MP to sue ICR for libel and damaging his business image
Mikhail Rodionov

The Ulyanovsk Region Legislative Assembly Commission for Validation of Information of Income and Property that examines information MPs file in their tax returns completed an inspection of MP Mikhail Rodionov’s case.

The inspection was instituted after the ICR asked to dismiss the MP.

Meanwhile, the Commission did not find any reason to dismiss him. Moreover, the Committee did not provide any proof he should be dismissed.

That is why Rodionov is going to sue the Committee for libel and damaging his business image, according to his attorney Aleksandr Paulov.

The Department filed a request to the Assembly asking to dismiss the MP in March of 2017, as it turned out. Rodionov owns the Zavod Trekhsosensky. It was now former Department Head Aleksey Evdokimov who filed the request.

The main Department’s complaint was that Rodionov is the owner and incorporator of a foreign company. This violates the Federal Law 'On General Principles of Incorporation of Legislative (Representative) and Executive Agencies of Public Authorities of the Russian Federation Constituencies.'

Moreover, the MP moved more than 17 million euros abroad, according to the Department. The money was spent on purchasing, renting, and maintaining property and building a yacht. Rodionov did not list this information in his tax returns.

Meanwhile, the Assembly Credentials Committee did not find any evidence this was true during the inspection. Rodionov was not dismissed.



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