Ulyanovsk governor fires official after chocolate bath selfie

Ulyanovsk governor fires official after chocolate bath selfie

The head of the region believes that officials have to lead a humbler lifestyle rather than "boast of their wealth."

Sergey Morozov, the governor of the Ulyanovsk region, instructed to conduct an internal investigation with the subsequent dismissal of the head of the region’s IT corporation, Svetlana Openynsheva, who had posted a photo of herself in a chocolate bath on social media, reported 73online.

“Many can afford to travel abroad. But when I saw the eccentricities of Mrs. Openynsheva, I decided to run an internal audit. You have to lead a humbler lifestyle. When we talk about openness, it is not about showing your underwear, it’s about responding to problems. I sign permissions to leave abroad for many of my employees but you can’t boast of your income in this way. My decision is to conduct an internal audit and dismiss Openysheva,” Morozov said at the meeting.

The official had a vacation in Azerbaijan. 73online posted a screenshot of her Instagram posts, while her account is private at the moment. “There is never too much chocolate,” she said in a caption to a photo in a bath. The portal notes that it was not chocolate in it but naphthalan.

According to media reports, the official’s vacation was nothing extraordinary: the accommodation and treatment for her and her husband cost Openynsheva 59 thousand rubles and another 17 thousand went for the round-trip flight from Kazan. Openysheva's salary is about 100 thousand rubles a month.



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