US GOP Senator blasts Russian 'mafia' government

US GOP Senator blasts Russian 'mafia' government
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The most difficult meeting was the session with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Senator states.

US Senator John Neely Kennedy who traveled to Russia with a Republican congressional delegation last week said President Vladimir Putin could not be trusted and likened dealing with Moscow to "dealing with the mafia," the Associated Press reports

"There is no political philosophy in Russia. It's sort of like saying, what's the political philosophy of the mafia. Their philosophy is money and power. That's the philosophy of Putin. He rules with an iron hand. He's a dictator," Kennedy said.

He said there is "no free press" in Russia and that there is a wide divide in wealth between the rich and ordinary citizens. The Russian people "deserve better," he stated.

He added that he did not expect any major breakthroughs at Trump's meeting with Putin in the upcoming summit on July 16 in Helsinki. "You can't trust Putin," Kennedy said. "I think the best we can do is try to contain him."

Kennedy said the most challenging session was with Lavrov. "We didn't call each other an 'ignorant slut' or anything, but we exchanged words," the senator said and described Lavrov as a "bully."

Kennedy said the senators warned the Russians that if they interfere in the November US election, lawmakers "will hit you with sanctions even harder than what we have right now."

Recall, the US parliamentary delegation visited Moscow last week. Congressmen met with deputies of the State Duma and the Federation Council. This was the first official visit of US Congress to Russia since 2013. A video where State Duma deputies acclaimed visit of the US congressmen who sanctioned Russia hit the Internet.



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