Two Rosgvardiya employees fired due to dreaming on duty

Two Rosgvardiya employees fired due to dreaming on duty

The perpetrators are trying to achieve service restoration in a court.

In Krasnodar, Ilez Timurziev and Aslan Zekokh, former employees of the Rosgvardiya, who were fired for sleeping at work, are trying to secure reinstatement in the service via court. They lost their job after a video in which they sleep in a service car hit the web. Now the video has been deleted, Kommersant reports.

“The video shows that senior police officers Zekokh and police driver Timurziev were sleeping in the Lada Grant official car on January 23, 2019, on the territory of the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1,” the decision of the Pervomaisky court of Krasnodar says.

The “results of a psychophysiological study using a polygraph indicate that Timurziev was more likely to sleep on duty in 2018 for more than five times lasting from one to two hours,” the results of the official check read.

The dismissed claim that they did not sleep. One of the residents claims that he repeatedly saw a car with sleeping Rosgvardiya fighters in the park of the regional hospital. According to lawyer of the dismissed Rustam Guchetl, the sleeping Timurziev and Zekokh were not recorded on the video. The video began with one of the employees getting out of the car. The operator said that they were sleeping.

Rosgvardiya employees were fired in March. The video gained a lot of negative comments, and the leadership of Timurziev and Zekokh stated that the employees had caused reputational damage to the Rosgvardiya.

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