Two colonels of St. Petersburg Customs escape abroad

Two colonels of St. Petersburg Customs escape abroad
Maxim Mamchur

Both employees disappeared at about the same time after the release of goods.

The deputy chief of the North-West Customs Administration, Colonel Maxim Mamchur fled to Kiev after the release of goods, 47news reports. The day after Mamchur’s disappearance, another service colonel was fired – the head of the Customs Control Department of the St. Petersburg Customs, Oleg Gusev, who had previously announced his hasty move to the Baltic states. 

There is no information on criminal cases against the missing colonels.

Mamchur did not go to work on November 14. According to his father, who lives in Ukraine, Mamchur fell ill. However, the colonel does not get in touch. According to the FCS, Mamchur and his family left Russia for Belarus, where he possibly crossed the border with Ukraine. 

The missing Gusev got in touch himself and asked to be considered dismissed.



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