Transparency found conflict of interests between Minister of Far East Development and his deputy

Transparency found conflict of interests between Minister of Far East Development and his deputy
Alexander Galushka

Deputy of Alexander Galushka is his friend Sergey Kachaev, with whom he has a joint business.⁠

The International Organization for Combating Corruption, Transparency International, has discovered that Alexander Galushka's Deputy Minister of the Russian Far East Development is his longtime friend and business partner Sergey Kachaev.

Galushka became Minister in 2013, and already in 2014 his right hand became Sergey Kachaev. Officials have a common enterprise - Center for Management and Evaluation of Consulting LLC: each share is 50%. According to head of the Kaliningrad branch of Transparency Igor Sergeev, the joint business interests of civil servants fall under the law On Combating Corruption.

The human rights organization has established that the Minister and his deputy are almost the same age, and almost all their lives they studied and worked together. In particular, they received higher and additional education in the same educational institutions; both worked in the Russian Collegium of Appraisers and Business Russia.

According to the current legislation, the Minister himself proposes the candidacy of his deputy. At the same time, anti-corruption activists are interested in whether Galushka reported about his long-standing friendship and common interests with Kachaev. According to Sergeev, the only way to resolve the conflict is to fire one of the officials.

Transparency specifies that, despite the fact that the officials transferred their shares in the Evaluation and Consulting Management Center to trust management, they remain business partners de facto.

Human rights activists report that four months ago they sent an appeal to the Presidential Administration asking them to verify the activities of the Minister. In the event that a violation of the law is established, Transparency will require the dismissal of the Minister with the phrase "in connection with the loss of confidence."



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