Transbaikal region: Medvedev comes to Chita for a show

Transbaikal region: Medvedev comes to Chita for a show
Dmitry Plyukhin

Dmitry Plyukhin, the Head of Mogocha area in Transbaikal Region, criticized the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on his Facebook page, calling his visit to Chita just a show. Earlier, Plyukhin had been banned from the election.

"Could somebody explain what was the point in Medvedev's coming to Chita? Was it discussing labor protection? Or suggesting a worker should get married to obtain a mortgage plan with some rural program?" he asked.

"There is one thing I don't understand: the Temporary Acting Governor (Natalya) Zhdanova was meeting the prime minister and had spent money to organize that joke of a meeting, but what was the point really? Was it coating Ayanskaya street with new asphalt? Or giving as many as 13 buckets of screw-nuts to the regional hospitals? Did we really need the awkward and little-versed in Russia's problems Dmitry Medvedev? " Plyukhin wrote.

He thought all of this was nothing but a useless show. "If I were Zhdanova I would have asked Medvedev to explain so many things. Like what was the central policy concerning inter-budget and other relations. Instead of walking back and forth behind the guy flattering him trying to win his favor both for the region and for herself ,"- he said.

Interestingly, the Transbaikal Regional Court on September 7 decided to leave unchanged the decision of the Mogocha court  to withdraw Dmitry Plyukhin from the Mogocha Head of the Region election, the informed.

On September 9 Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Chita and held a meeting on protection of labor and labor relations, which discussed proposals to increase the safety level, strengthening the prevention of injury and illness in the production workers. The PM visited the aircraft repair plant in Chita, as well as drove an SUV through the city, and then instructed to coat one of the streets (Ayanskaya) with new asphalt. Medvedev was met by protesters: the locals with posters demanding lower tariffs for electricity and salary raises.

On a related note, in February 2009, Medvedev was in Chita with a similar visit. Before his arrival, the city authorities had cleared and repaired all the potholes on the main road, having poured bitumen into the cracks at minus 30 degrees.



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