Chief Traffic Inspector fired for unending construction project?  

Chief Traffic Inspector fired for unending construction project?
Viktor Nilov

Hundreds of millions of rubles were spent on the construction of a training center for the agency’s staff in Istra, Moscow region. Yet, it was never put in operation.

Dissatisfied top leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs could have been the reason the country’s main traffic policeman Viktor Nilov got dismissed. Despite MIA Chief Vladimir Kolokoltsev claiming Nilov retired for age reasons, law enforcement sources make it clear that there had been some issues with the official’s performance.

For instance, one of the reasons for his resignation could have been a notorious never-ending construction of a training center for the agency’s staff in Istra of Moscow region. The deadline for the delivery of the facility that has been under construction since 2012, has shifted many times. In the summer of 2016, some of the buildings were finished for the 80th anniversary of the State Traffic Inspectorate, but the center was never put in operation anyway.  

"This was to be the only real professional training center in Russia, where employees could improve their skills, have psychological, tactical, legal, and defensive driving training," a law enforcement source told Life.

The sophisticated complex was to be built on a plot of land of ​​116.000 square meters, with well-equipped training classes, a motorcycle racing track, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, residential buildings, etc. Famous German architect Herman Tilk designed the center.

However, the impressive project was never implemented under Nilov. Even according to official data from the public procurement website, the price of the training center contract was 178 million rubles ($3m) in August 2012. Then a contract with a three-month execution period was signed for 333 million rubles ($5.8m) in August 2014, and another one for 39 million rubles ($685.000) in December of same year, with a period of execution of three days.

As the CrimeRussia wrote previously referring to other media outlets, Nilov's dismissal could have been linked to a FSB inspection in 2016. According to a number of insiders, the intelligence services exposed large-scale embezzlements of budget funds, as well as other violations, which could bring about a few criminal cases. The investigating authorities are yet to comment on the information.

We should remind that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order to dismiss State Road Traffic Safety Inspector Viktor Nilov on March 29, 2017.

Caption Photo: The site where SRTSI training center is supposed to be under construction
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