Tourists are asking Putin to stop wave of poisonings in Sochi 

Tourists are asking Putin to stop wave of poisonings in Sochi
The Sochi tourists in the infective hospital

Russian tourists are collecting signatures on a petition to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to take control of the sanitary situation in the Black Sea coast.

"The situation is catastrophic! Having spent only two days with a small child in Adler and swum in the sea, instead of resting we got an intestinal infection and a tour in to the infectious diseases hospital on the Kirov Street, which turned out to be full of vacationers. Sick kids are even in the corridors of the hospital, there are no enough beds! All of them tell the same story: were swimming in Adler’s Black Sea, where the sewage drains are poured and which is teeming with E.coli. People come from all over the country spend their holidays in the infectious diseases hospital. Little kids and their parents are under the droppers and do not get off of the toilet! And this all happens in the post-Olympic Sochi, where everything was done for the guests of the Olympics, whereas for our own children we cannot create the conditions for a safe holiday! Please impact on local authorities and the general sanitary situation on the coast, which went out of control and threatens the health of the nation", required the author of a petition Larisa Yangola from Norilsk ...

The signatories have also gone through a similar experience. "I sign this petition because my vacation on the Black Sea coast was hopelessly spoiled, as of six of our company are ill with an intestinal infection, a lot of money were spent on medicines and they basically spent the most of the holiday in the hospital room! The urgent checks from Moscow are necessary, since the local authorities ignore the truth about the epidemiological situation. Domestic tourism will not develop at such rate, people will rather pay more money and go abroad", sids the Muscovite Tatiana Chugunova.

"Urgently returned from Sochi because of intestinal infection, waited for the ambulance three hours, spent an hour to call them, the paramedic arrived drunk!!! The Krasnodar Region is a paradise", said outraged Irina Pobuta from Nizhnevartovsk.

"Stop the chaos on drain sewage into the sea! It is time to establish sanitary conditions in the Black Sea", agreed Lubov Vasilieva from the Moscow Region.



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