Top-10 watches of State Duma members 

Top-10 watches of State Duma members

Luxury watch is a status thing, a symbol of success and wealth. However, it is one thing when an entrepreneur from the Forbes list has Patek Philllipe for 200 thousand euros on his wrist, and another when a lawmaker, who is receiving the salary from the State Duma budget, follows the same trend.

A year ago, similar questions were asked about the press secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, who turned to have the Richard Mille RM 52-01 collection watch for 620 thousand dollars. At that time, his wife came to the rescue, an Olympic champion Tatiana Navka, who told that this had been an expensive wedding gift to her husband.

However, since then, the Russian media have started paying particular attention to the watches on the wrists of the officials.

In early October, the State Duma of the seventh convocation began its work. Life drew attention to the lawmakers’ watches and pondered about their cost. In this article, the CrimeRussia has prepared a top-10 list of watchful officials according to the price of their luxurious gadgets.

Vladimir Zhutenkov

Edinaya Rossiya

Patek Phillippe – 7 million rubles


Being one of the 20 richest Duma member, Vladimir Zhutenkov wears Patek Philippe 5140P-017. This model was designed 20 years ago, but still looks contemporary. The black watch face has two chronometers. The strap is made of crocodile leather.

The lawmaker from Bryansk, a top manager of the Tamosh meat-processing plant has nothing to be ashamed, since he earns more than 160 million rubles a year.

Pavel Kachkaev

Edinaya Rossiya

Ulysse Nardin Classic Dual Time – 2 million rubles


The former Head of the Administration of the city district of Ufa, Pavel Kachkaev, clearly overspends his income. His watch is worth no less than 2 million rubles. However, according to the declaration, last year Kachkaev earned 5.4 million rubles.

The watch has a strap made from crocodile leather. The segment lines of the 42 mm watch face are made of gold. The gadget looks massive and expensive.

Konstantin Zatulin

Edinaya Rossiya

Franck Muller Mariner Date – 1.7 million rubles


Konstantin Zatulin, the head of the working group of the Russian Civic Chamber on the Eurasian integration, wears a Swiss watch Franck Muller of Mariner Date collection. The marine style, embodied in the title of the collection, can be traced in the image of a compass and wind rose on the watch face. Average price is 1.7 million rubles, but can be higher, depending on the type of gold used for the body — white or yellow. Although the watches from this collection are supplied with a rubber strap, Zatulin wears his on a strap made of crocodile leather.

Vladimir Kononov

Edinaya Rossiya

Vacheron Constantin – 1.7 million rubles


The Chairman of the Board Group of the Konkor Group of Companies, Vladimir Kononov can well afford a fairly inexpensive classical model of Vacheron Constantin, the design of which has remained unchanged since 1950s. The politician’s income for the previous year amounted to 20 million rubles, so he can spend a month's salary on the prestigious watch. The minimal configuration, like the one in Kononov’s watch, would cost the buyer 1.7 million rubles. But if you want, you can buy a gold or platinum strap for some 600 thousand rubles.

Vladislav Tretyak

Edinaya Rossiya

Ulysse Nardin Classic – 1.58 million rubles

Владислав Третьяк

The legendary hockey player and member of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs prefers Ulysse Nardin from the Limited Classic Series (500 copies only). The glass of the dial in this series is made of sapphire, and the body — from 18 carats yellow gold. The cost of this watch is 1 million 580 thousand rubles.

All in all, the head of the Russian Hockey Federation can afford such an expensive watch — according to the declaration, his revenues amounted to 12 million rubles last year, so the watch from the renowned manufacturer of marine chronometers cost Tretyak one and a half of his monthly salary.

Nikolay Kovalyov

Edinaya Rossiya

Vacheron Constantin Overseas – 1.12 million rubles


The former Director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) and until recently, the chairman of the Commission for Control of State Duma Members Income, Nikolay Kovalyov wears a Vacheron Constantin watch from the Overseas collection.

On the outside, the design of this model does not seem very luxurious. It has a steel nonglare strap with links which look like halves of the Maltese cross. However, the back of the watch is a skeleton — one can see the work of the golden clock mechanism with the image of the sun, which the Swiss company uses as its brand.

Unlike Tretyak, Kovalev spent on this accessory a tangible part of his annual income. According to the declaration, last year, the retired general earned 5.9 million rubles.

Sergey Natarov

Liberal Democratic Party

Ballon Blue de Cartier – starting at 725 thousand rubles


Krasnoyarsk LDPR coordinator wears the same model of watch as Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife, only twice as expensive. However, according to the documents of the LDPR, Natarov’s total revenue in 2016 is 4.2 million rubles. The lawmaker does not have much property either — just 2 apartments and 2 cars in the joint ownership, as well as several smaller deposits in banks from 4 to 11.5 thousand rubles.

Boris Chernyshov

Liberal Democratic Party

Denissov Barracuda – 62 thousand rubles

Борис Чернышов

Unlike most colleagues, Boris Chernyshov is no fan of Swiss watchmakers, he supports domestic manufacturers instead.

The Russian brand from the chief designer of the 1st Moscow Watch Factory Polyot has released a limited series of Barracuda in stainless steel with a rough leather strap. The design looks somewhat reminiscent of the Soviet era mechanical watch with a vibe of developed socialism.

Designer Leonid Grivko believes that deliberately low-cost clothes and accessories are often characteristic of the lawmaker, who prefer not to boast their respectable status.

Yevgeny Revenko

Edinaya Rossiya

Samsung Gear S 2 – 20 thousand rubles


This is a public servant, who opted for functionality and integration with the smartphone instead of classic mechanical watches. A former journalist and the Deputy General Director of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) wears a Samsung Gear S 2 for 20 thousand rubles. For a reasonable amount of money, Revenko can check his emails, monitor his health, and use applications from Google Play Market and GPS-navigation.

Revenko is not the only Russian lawmaker, who prefers handheld gadgets to expensive Swiss watches. These gadgets are suitable for a wide range of purposes. Recently, the State Duma members have acquired a taste in Apple Watch from the iPhone manufacturer, the Apple company.

Andrey Kozenko

Edinaya Rossiya

Pobeda –10 thousand rubles


A lawmaker from the Simferopol district, Andrey Kozenko went even further in his patriotism. The Vice-Speaker of the Republic of Crimea was able to find the legendary model of the Pobeda watch, which was released in a limited edition in 2014. Its design replicates meticulously the clock inside a GAZ-M20 Pobeda car, personally approved by Joseph Stalin in 1945.



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