Tobolsk Traffic Police Chief dismissed for playing truant

Tobolsk Traffic Police Chief dismissed for playing truant
Viktor Kitov

There are various versions of Viktor Kitov's dismissal, including missing work due to his affinity to alcohol, but the main one is playing truant during career development courses.

As reported by citing a source familiar with the situation, Head of the Tobolsk City Department of the Traffic Police Viktor Kitov, who had held this position since September 2015, was sent in resignation and dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs on December 23 in Tobolsk.

According to the outlet's sources, the reason for Kitov's resignation was the fact he had failed to attend career development courses in Tyumen in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, the police officer's dismissal has not been confirmed by the press service of the MIA Administration in the Tyumen region, noting that "Head of the Tobolsk Traffic Police Department Viktor Kitov has been removed from office by the decision of the evaluation commission."

Another reason for the resignation of the chief of local road inspection is also called the long absence from work associated with alcohol use. However, the police officer's wife has explained the absence in his first day of training by family circumstances. According to her, the evaluation commission's recommendation mentioned demotion or dismissal; however, Kitov has yet to sign the order for dismissal.



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