Time portrays Putin with “rogue states empire”

Time portrays Putin with “rogue states empire”
Time cover

The publication is written by well-known American journalist Simon Shuster.

The Time has featured Russian President Vladimir Putin on its cover. It shows the politician towering above the globe and leaning on it with both his hands. Geotags are located on the surface of the globe. The caption says: “Russia’s Other Plot. Inside his growing empire of rogue states.”

The publication by well-known journalist Simon Shuster speaks about Russia's participation in conflicts, particularly in Venezuela and Syria. According to Shuster, the Russian politician succeeded in creating an empire of “failed states.” In addition, the countries which Putin influences include Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Nicaragua, Hungary, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan, and Indonesia.

Shuster claims that Putin has four ways to influence 28 countries of the world: informational, military, economic, and diplomatic.

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