Three Rosgvardia Generals sacked

Three Rosgvardia Generals sacked
Sergey Mileyko

Deputy Head of department Viktor Zolotov, as well as the heads of personnel services and the department responsible for construction, have been dismissed.

According to the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Deputy Director of the department, Sergey Mileyko (supervised logistics issues), Director of the Construction Department of Rosgvardia, Lieutenant-General Valery Duginov, have been dismissed, Kommersant reports citing sources.

In addition, Viktor Matsyuk, Head of the Personnel Department, has lost his post. Retired Lieutenant-General of Justice Igor Ilyash, an FSB officer, will take the helm of this department, the sources of the media outlet say.

Earlier, it has emerged that Mileyko decided to resign amid questions to his department from the inspection agencies. According to the newspaper, Mileyko is friends with another high-ranking Rosgvardia officer - the first Deputy Head of Rosgvardia, Colonel-General Sergey Melikov.

The latter also intends to leave his post in Rosgvardia - he will be among top three candidates for senators from the Governor of Stavropol Krai, Vladimir Vladimirov, RBC notes. If the Head of the region wins the election, it is Melikov that has every chance of becoming a senator from the region.

According to Kommersant’s interlocutors, by July 19, the order to dismiss Melikov himself from Rosgvardia has not yet been signed, but “this can happen any day now.”



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