The wealthiest MP to save his seat in Parliament despite corrupt charges

The wealthiest MP to save his seat in Parliament despite corrupt charges
Palkin is the wealthiest deputy of the State Duma

The State Duma commission on the control of incomes has decided to reprimand Andrey Palkin. In early November, the General Prosecutor's Office asked to check him for use of his status in the personal interest.

The State Duma's commission on the control of incomes and property of deputies headed by Natalya Poklonskaya did not deprive United Russia party member Andrey Palkin, who is suspected of abusing MP's powers, of his credentials. RBC reports this with reference to its sources in the commission. According to sources, Palkin, most likely, will be reprimanded.

Palkin is suspected of issuing inquiries of deputy for personal gain. This violates part 2.2 of Art. 6 of the law On the Status of a Deputy. In early November, the Prosecutor General's Office appealed to the State Duma to check Palkin. In turn, the department received a request from the Prosecutor's Office of the Arkhangelsk region.

In June 2017, Palkin appealed to the Arkhangelsk Prosecutor's Office with a complaint against the company Opora-M, which did not pay the debt for deliveries to the Kotlassk plant of silicate bricks-sale, the founder of which he was. The deputy accused Opora-M of violating the law when executing municipal contracts. The Prosecutor's Office decided that Palkin's inquiry was made "in the interests of an affiliated legal entity."

Also, the deputy asked to provide him with tax information about all construction organizations in the city of Kotlas and complained about the head of the inter-district inspection of the Federal Tax Service No.1 in the Arkhangelsk region and the Nenets Autonomous District. In total, Palkin wrote 27 requests. For this he was already reprimanded, said a source of RBC, close to the leadership of the Duma faction of United Russia party.

The commission does not exclude that the meeting of December 8 will not check the deputy. If necessary, the Prosecutor's Office will be asked to provide additional information.

Andrey Palkin himself stated that he defends "the interests of the state and society" and intends to act "even more harshly". According to the deputy, he will "force" the Prosecutor's Office to consider his requests.

Palkin is the wealthiest deputy of the State Duma. According to his income statement, he earned 678 million rubles ($11.6m) in 2016. The deputy owns two apartments, an apartment building and two trucks. Since March, Palkin is under bankruptcy process.



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