The Wall Street Journal analyzed Kadyrov's Instagram

The Wall Street Journal analyzed Kadyrov's Instagram
Ramzan Kadyrov

Instagram account of the Chechnya Head Ramzan Kadyrov can serve as an example of how social networks can be used to suppress as well as to release, wrote the journalist of the newspaper The Wall Street Journal Tom Grove.

As an example of such use of Instagram author held up as a model the fighting between the Minister of the Chechen Republic for Physical Culture and Sport Salambek Ismailov in the ring as a sparring partner of Kadyrov as a punishment for the condition of his office building, apologies of the Deputy of the City Council of Krasnoyarsk Konstantin Senchenko, published after allegations that "Chechnya is living on subsidies from Moscow" as well as the situation with a resident of Kenhi village, which criticized activities of the Head of Chechnya.

According to the journalist, the control over what is published in Kadyrov's account has the speaker of the Chechen parliament Magomed Daudov. The journalist also quoted people, involved in the selection of content for the Kadyrov's page, who argue that only the Head of the Chechen Republic have the right to publish anything in Instagram. According to them, "If you are an official or agency, and Kadyrov withdrew his subscription to you, it means that heads soon will roll."

The publication also noted the soft side of the image, created by the social networks of Kadyrov, highlighting his photos with cats, horses and other animals, referring to a case where an American host John Oliver urged viewers to help Kadyrov in search of the missing cat.

From a distance the world of Mr. Kadyrov's social networks may seem comical," - the journalist wrote.

For easier navigation in the Head of Chechnya's blog the edition also made a table of his images, highlighting the following: Man of Steel, Warrior, Sportsman, Animal lover, Loyal, Daredevil and Gallant leader.



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