Son of deputy head of MIA may lead Moscow Criminal Investigation Department

Son of deputy head of MIA may lead Moscow Criminal Investigation Department

The officers of the Russian MIA are facing serious personnel changes, due to the fact that the son of the deputy head of the Russian MIA Colonel General, Mikhail Vanichkin, is about to chair The Moscow Criminal Investigation Department. This news was reported to by the source in the Russian MIA.

The information that Maxim Mikhailovich Vanichkin may soon become the Head of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, spread among the capital's law enforcement officers this May.

The head of the General Administration of Criminal Investigation, Lieutenant-General, Viktor Golovanov, votes for the appointment of his subordinate to this post, as the Colonel serves under his command since 2013.  

According to the source of, in 1980, Golovanov, Vanichkin Sr. and the current head of the MIA, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, worked together in the Moscow criminal investigation department, and Golovanov was the manager of Kolokoltsev.

Maxim Vanichkin also has operational experience in the MCID, and was personally involved in the disclosure of high-profile crimes, such as tracing the attackers on artistic director of the Bolshoi Theatre, Sergei Filin, who splashed acid into his face, the search and arrest of the killers of football fan Egor Shcherbakov.

Employees of the MCID know their colleague as an experienced operational officer and detective, that radically distinguishes him from the second applicant to the post of the head of the MCID, the Colonel, Gennady Golikov, who is nominated by the Lieutenant-General, Anatoly Yakunin, the head of the Russian MIA in Moscow.

Despite Golikov's combat experience in Afghanistan and trips to North Caucasus, MCID officers characterize him more as a manager than the operational officer. Therefore, sympathy of the detectives is on the side of Vanichkin, said the source.

The Colonel Golikov has benefits of a different kind and he still have a chance to take the post. Previously, he served in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Voronezh and Novgorod regions under the general Yakunin and his highly valued and trusted by him.

Meanwhile, the place that the two officers pretend on, is not vacant. Since 2014 the MCID is managed by the Police Major General, Igor Zinoviev. Therefore, the head of the MIA has developed a painless scheme of castling higher police officials, as a result of which the post of the MCID will become available.

Zinoviev will be appointed to lead the DIA of Eastern Autonomous Region of Moscow, its current chief, Major-General, Sergei Plakhikh, is going to be the head of the MIA in Kaluga region, Oleg Stefankov will be his deputy.



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