The Revenant. St. Petersburg Prosecutor Sergey Litvinenko retains post for another five years

The Revenant. St. Petersburg Prosecutor Sergey Litvinenko retains post for another five years
Sergey Litvinenko

The Russian President extended the term of office to the St. Petersburg Public Prosecutor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order to extend the powers of the St. Petersburg Prosecutor. Sergey Litvinenko will head the agency over the next five years.

Recall, Litvinenko has served as the City Prosecutor since November 2011. Previously, he headed the Leningrad Prosecutor's Office for 1.5 years.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, in September, the General Prosecutor’s Office raided St. Petersburg with a large-scale examination. Inspectors had a lot of claims to the City Prosecutor's Office. The main claim was a large number of unjustified refusals on the initiation of criminal proceedings that the prosecution did not appeal as a supervisor or even supported. As for the City Prosecutor, the circle of his acquaintances, including businessmen and figures of authority, was checked.

So, our edition wrote that Litvinenko's name was often mentioned together with Adil Mahmudov, the former employee of the Prosecutor General, and later - the famous solver, who tragically died in 2013 in Moscow. In 2011, the name of Litvinenko was connected with a cottage village on the shore of Nakhimovskoe Lake’s scandal. Activist Vladimir Pavlov filed a lawsuit against Litvinenko, accusing him in the acquiescence on occupancy of the shore by authoritative owners of cottages. It was found that among those owners there was high-ranked Prosecutor (businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko owned the house). The activists unsuccessfully tried to reach Litvinenko. The Prosecutor promised to examine in person, but did nothing.

Generally, Litvinenko was famous for the amazing ability to turn a blind eye to the various types of breaches that the authorities or people close to them committed. One and only violations that he should tirelessly eradicate. So, the Prosecutor obtained the strong support of those in power in St. Petersburg. For example, it is no secret that Litvinenko and Valentina Matvienko treat each other with great sympathy. There is evidence that as well as business of Valentina Matvienko’s son Sergey united them. Litvinenko allegedly provided him protection. As you know, when Matvienko quitted as St. Petersburg Governor business affairs of her son were wavered by a stand-off with the current Mayor.

Due to aforesaid the back rooms of the department actively discussed the forthcoming resignation of Litvinenko. Our sources were confident that the City Prosecutor would not keep his leg in opposition to Yuri Chaika. However, contrary to expectations, Litvinenko retains his position.



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