The CrimeRussia’s insider knowledge confirmed. Moscow chief prosecutor departs

The CrimeRussia’s insider knowledge confirmed. Moscow chief prosecutor departs
Vladimir Churikov

Vladimir Churikov will leave the Moscow supervisory authority before the year ends.

Insider information of The CrimeRussia has once again been confirmed. This time this refers to the departure of the Moscow prosecutor Vladimir Churikov, which was confirmed by the authoritative telegram channel Nezygar, and after that by Kommersant. The Head of the supervisory authority of the capital will leave his post before the end of the year. Opinions of sources divided concerning the future of Churikov, who is now on vacation: he goes to work not related to supervisory activities, or goes to the central office of the Prosecutor General’s Office. The second scenario seems less likely, since the main reason for leaving, as reported by The CrimeRussia, was a conflict between Churikov and Prosecutor General Yury Chaika.

The question of the dismissal was considered for long, but a conflict arose around the candidate for the new Moscow prosecutor. Several candidates were nominated by various powerful and security clans to the post of chief prosecutor of Moscow. The main contender is now the current Deputy Prosecutor of the city, Oleg Manakov, who is a protege of Mayor Sergey Sobyanin. The name of the former Tula prosecutor Alexander Kozlov, who was associated with the son of the Prosecutor General Igor Chaika, also sounded. But on May 3, 2018, he was dismissed by a presidential decree.

It is worth noting that Kozlov was involved in a 2011 scandalous case of the ‘covering’ of casinos by Moscow prosecutors, and Manakov had ties with the ”Krasnogorsk shooter” Amiran Georgadze, who killed four people in 2015 and committed suicide.

Vladimir Churikov was appointed prosecutor of Moscow in September 2015. Prior to that, he headed the prosecutor's office of the Volgograd region for 5 years. In the capital, he never showed himself from a positive side. Both Yury Chaika and his subordinates, who wrote complaints against their boss because of low salaries and virtually complete absence of allowances and bonuses, were dissatisfied with him.



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