Textbook on economics excluded from federal list due to lack of patriotism

Textbook on economics excluded from federal list due to lack of patriotism
Igor Lipsits

The author of the manual was recommended to write “about the plans of the upcoming economic breakthrough” and the success of import phase-out.

The economics textbook for 10-11 grades written by Doctor of Economics Igor Lipsits was withdrawn from the Federal List of Textbooks, since the questions addressed in the book and the examples cited in it “do not contribute to the love of the motherland.” The Vita-Press publishing house recommended eliminating negative issues from the text and adding materials about the upcoming economic breakthrough and success in import phase-out, Kommersant reports.

The author was asked to “present modern economy and history of its formation more correctly,” “exclude a number of issues for discussion, which can provoke a negative, non-constructive discussion and are not aimed at developing students’ skills of self-assessment and self-analysis.” Based on the conclusions of two experts from the Russian Academy of Education (RAO) and one teacher, the publishing house recommended adding “materials on plans for the upcoming economic breakthrough” and “on import phase-out as one of the directions of modern economic policy, forming a sense of pride for the country and engagement with what is going on.”

The examination was carried out under the order of the Ministry of Education, the RAO said. The ministry assured that they have nothing to do with the given recommendations, and the textbook contained outdated data and errors. Lipsits agreed to make some changes, but there will not be “joyful words about the rise of the economy and the patriotic impulse for the sake of import phase-out.”

In 2018, the Ministry of Education reduced the Federal List of Textbooks from 1,370 to 863 items. The authors of the textbooks complained to President Putin with a request to check the expertise carried out by the Ministry and organize a public discussion of the new educational standards.



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