Tatarstan head's office destroyed documents prior to Putin's visit

Tatarstan head's office destroyed documents prior to Putin's visit
Vladimir Putin and Rustam Minnikhanov Photo: Sobesednik

According to some reports, documents on a disrupted Altair drone production program were destroyed.

Before the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to Tatarstan, employees of the office of the republic Head Rustam Minnikhanov destroyed documents, Sobesednik newspaper reports.

Putin and Shoigu intend to attend a meeting on the military-industrial complex, which is to tackle the disruption of the state defense order for the production of heavy remotely piloted aircraft Altair, which was supposed to be used in Syria.

Sobesednik connects the destruction of documents with a case of Experimental Design Bureau named after M.P. Simonov, which was engaged in the implementation of the Altair program. According to the publication, the raider seizure by the ex-Adviser to the Head of the republic, Rustem Magdeev, with the support of the law enforcement agencies of Kazan, led to the transfer of the scientific and technical reserve of the Altius project to a separate unit of the Urals Civil Aviation Plant. As a result, the state defense order was failed, since the tests of the unmanned aerial vehicle were scheduled for May and June.

The destruction of the documents was intended to conceal the connection between Minnikhanov and Magdeev, Sobesednik believes. The publication notes that Magdeev is also a confidant of the leader of Sevastopolskaya criminal group, Radik Yusupov, also known as Drakon (Dragon).



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