Sverdlovsk region: officials spend $1.7 million on renovation of fleet

Sverdlovsk region: officials spend $1.7 million on renovation of fleet
Evgeny Kuyvashev

The total of 68 representative foreign cars was ordered for various ministries.

Starting from early July, 2019, officials of the Sverdlovsk region have ordered 68 representative foreign cars worth of 112 million rubles ($1.7 million), reports Yekaterinburgernaya Telegram channel.

Almost one third of the total (22 cars worth of 49.4 million rubles) was ordered for the government of Evgeny Kuyvashev. 10 cars worth of 18 million rubles ($282 thousand) - for a fleet of a mayor of Yekaterinburg Aleksander Vysokinsky. 9 cars worth of 8 million rubles ($125 thousand) were bought by the Administration of Justice Department.

The Yekaterinburg Water and Sanitation Authority ordered 2 vehicles worth of 4.5 million rubles ($70 thousand). The regional Water and Sanitation Authority bought 3 cars worth of 10.6 million rubles ($166 thousand). The regional Mandatory Health Insurance Fund bought 2 cars worth of 2.9 million rubles ($45 thousand).

The Oncology Centre of the Sverdlovsk region purchased a 6-seat-minibus with leather seats and a climate control equipment worth of 2.8 million rubles ($43 thousand). The capital construction management and the administration of Aramilsk city district bought 2 cars each worth of 2.4 and 2.7 million rubles ($37 and 42 thousand). The regional Olympic Reserve School bought 2 foreign cars worth of 1.9 million rubles ($29 thousand).

The Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences, the administration of Artinsk city district, the regional Multifunctional Center for Рrovision of State and Municipal Services, Asbest city hospital, the administration of Zarechinsky settlement, the regional center for promotion of tourism, the regional Road Bureau, the regional energy preservation institute, the dermatovenerologic dispensary, as well as the medical college and the housing construction fund bought 1 car each worth of 900 thousand - 2.3 million rubles ($14 thousand - 36 thousand).

The funds from the regional budget were spent on the purchase of the foreign cars.



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