Sverdlovsk Investigative Committee official suspended after Putin’s ‘chutzpah’ reprimands now back in office

Sverdlovsk Investigative Committee official suspended after Putin’s ‘chutzpah’ reprimands now back in office
Valery Zadorin

Sources believe that temporary relieving Valery Zadorin of duties was a purely populist move.

Valery Zadorin, the Head of Sverdlovsk Investigative Committee, has returned to his office after a pause, ICR press secretary Alexander Shulga officially announced.

As the CrimeRussia wrote previously, Lieutenant General Valery Zadorin had been removed from office on July 12 as long as he was undergoing a service check. As reported by the ICR, the check had been initiated by Alexander Bastrykin because of the "red tape in the investigation of the criminal case" about non-payment of wages to employees of Nizhny Tagil Heat Insulation Plant CJSC. The inspectors were supposed to find out as to why "there has been no success in the investigation process to this day ".

Despite no results of the audit have been announced yet, Zadorin has already showed up in his office.

As a reminder, the non-payment issue in Tagil was made public in July after the workers turned to Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to them, the management refused to pay the salary until the head of state himself would ask for it. The Russian president reacted quite harshly, saying: "Where does this chutzpah and boldness come from?" Only after this, the Investigative Committee instituted three criminal cases against the company's management under part 1 of Art. 145.1 of the Criminal Code (Non-Payment of Wages), Art. 199.2 of the Criminal Code (Concealment of Monetary Funds against Which the Recovery of Taxes Is Levied) and Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling) for the theft of the company's funds of about 4 million rubles ($66.000). According to the ICR, 195 employees had not been getting their salaries between April 2016 and January 2017 and the debt exceeded 13 million rubles ($216.000).

URA.RU sources believe that Zadorin’s temporary suspension was nothing else but a populist move. Ordinary ICR employees took his return quite positively.

"The Investigative Committee aims to investigate criminal cases, not to chase up debts. There are many organizations that do just this. The ICR is not a judicial body that can recover a debt. So, I was wondering from the very beginning why a person who is very indirectly concerned with the matter at best, would be held liable", the Head of an investigative department in a Sverdlovsk town said on condition of anonymity.



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