Sverdlovsk government urges deputies to boast of animals they killed

Sverdlovsk government urges deputies to boast of animals they killed
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The deputies of the Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly have received invitations to the Yekaterinburg-based First Trophy Forum dedicated to hunting.

The Government of the Sverdlovsk Region has mailed invitations to the Deputies of the Regional Legislative Assembly. They are welcome at the First Trophy Forum, an event dedicated to hunting, which will be held from October 22 to 28 at Yekaterinburg’s World Trade Center. Vyacheslav Venger, a Legislative Assembly deputy, wrote the news on Facebook.

"Some compare their deeds, exploits and accomplishments to those of the others, while some boast of animals they killed and brag about how much blood each of them has on their hands," the deputy wrote. “The forum will feature lunch at the Diamond restaurant (where they’ll be offered to have a taste of those they killed), a lesson on the basics of taxidermy (hopefully not demonstrated on the honorable participants). There will definitely be a contest where the winner is the one that has killed the most and in the most beautiful way. ”

Forum participants are encouraged to show off their hunting trophies. Venger listed the requirements: "Clause 2.4. The trophies must be cleaned: skulls skinned and muscle-free, boiled and bleached; hides cured, layer- or rug-shaped; horns presented with a frontal bone or skull. It is advisable that all trophies should be on medallions, and could be easily taken off for measurements. ”

The government of the Sverdlovsk region is the First Trophy Forum organizer. On the first day of the forum, there will be a tour around the “hunting trophies exhibition” of the participants, as well as an “on-site meeting of the expert council of the State Duma that will tackle the legislative aspects of hunting and anti-poaching activities”.

Sergey Khasanov, the chief of the Hunters and Fishermen Community for the Troitsky district, got injured in early October. He got into an accident as he was running from the gamekeepers, who had suspected him of illegal hunting.



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