Sverdlovsk Crime Unit chief to head a Moscow MIA directorate

Sverdlovsk Crime Unit chief to head a Moscow MIA directorate
Sergey Maksimov

Sergey Maksimov will take up his new duties one of these days.

Sergey Maksimov, the former head of the Crime Unit of the MIA Criminal Investigation Directorate for the Sverdlovsk Region, will take up the post of Acting Head of the MIA Security Department of Moscow on January 23.

The Sverdlovsk Interior Ministry confirmed the information noting that they would remember Maksimov as a kind-hearted man.

“He always took someone else’s misfortune and pain as his own; he despised and still does when people don’t care about their work, betray the interests of the service; he did all he could to help those who found themselves in difficult situations,” a spokesman for the Sverdlovsk Ministry of Internal Affairs said emotionally.

They added that Maksimov got an award for participating in the liquidation of a Ural gang, without specifying details.

According to sources of the local portal 66.RU, Maksimov's promotion had been expected, as he works under Konstantin Stroganov, the former head of the Sverdlovsk Crime Unit, who then became its deputy head for the whole region and held the post until November 2018, when he finally headed the Moscow MIA Security Department.



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