Surgut inspires. Where did Yugor deputy Yevgeny Barsov get 10 aircrafts and 29 apartments? 

Surgut inspires. Where did Yugor deputy Yevgeny Barsov get 10 aircrafts and 29 apartments?
Barsov's extravagant antics have already violated the peace of colleagues and the code of ethics of Surgut deputies Photo: The CrimeRussia

Systemic opposition is clearly underestimated. Even the modest deputy of the City Duma of Surgut Yevgeny Barsov changed beyond recognition, as soon as he went under the wing of the Liberal Democratic Party. Former United Russia man imbued with ideas of openness and accountability of power. As a result, 10 airplanes, 29 apartments and eight land plots appeared in his declaration. Their origin, to which the whole Surgut Duma is theatrically surprised, may also turn out to be an open secret.

Masterly habits

City Council Deputy Yevgeny Barsov fully justifies his name. With the feline compassion and the breadth of the Russian gentleman, he declared the property worth hundreds of millions of rubles. Barsov’s declaration became a national bestseller for a few days. The list consisted of 10 aircrafts, 29 apartments, land and some small things like the Mitsubishi L200 and the Hitachi EX-200 excavator. Barsov's extravagant trick has already violated the peace of colleagues and the ethical code of Surgut deputies, because this is at least immodest.

In the case of Barsov, ethical categories become completely mathematical in nature. Let's start with the pride of Barsov – the fleet. The Yak-18T is estimated at $650,000, the sporty SU-29 at $190,000, the same is for training SU-31. The Yak-52, even in used state, will be able to add 6.5 million rubles ($100,000) to this piggy bank, while its fellow Yak12M will add another 1.5 million rubles ($23,000). There is also a jewel in this collection – the legendary Douglas DC-3 Dakota aircraft with an estimated value of $2.5 million! Barsov flaunted with his purchase at the Chelyabinsk Kalachevo airport already four years ago, and now he could not hide his joy from the voters. 




Duglas DC-3

After such an impressive list, it is even embarrassing to count the ten apartments of the aviator Barsov. Still, the people's representative successfully combines the service of the people with the construction business, he could buy all 29 apartments at a prime cost and even lower. If, of course, they are in Surgut. We counted on the patriotism of Barsov and relied on the cost of 1 square. m in Surgut in the primary market of 63 thousand rubles ($970). Apartments formed in total 3 thousand square meters, that is, in more than 189 million rubles ($2.9mln). The country house, as you know, is worth a few other money than an apartment. The cost of land is difficult to estimate, although one site for the center of foreign languages (the local “Big Ben”) is called nothing more than gold.

Thus, even the property that is measurable, pulls in excess of 416 million rubles ($6.5mln). Add to this the 33 million rubles ($510,000) in net income, the own low-pressure gas pipeline and the “mysterious built-in and attached public premises”. After that, how the rest of the deputies, the richest of whom earned 17 million rubles ($262,000) and not a single plane, could be near Barsov? But before he was not like that. One must say that in three terms in the City Duma, Yevgeny Barsov declares his income only for a second time. The first was in 2016, and there were only five apartments in the deputy’s declaration, and the income was three times lower. 

Lather for family

He got a passion for open data last year. Then the long-term United Russia party member Barsov handed over the mandate with the words "The Party does not allow the country to move forward" and immediately took a new one – from the Liberal Democratic Party. With the new mandate, the values of democracy were transferred to Barsov. If the dangerous virus is not neutralized in time, it can lead to an internal investigation into the origin of these drugs. And here the conflict of Barsov with former party members acquires a completely different calico.

Yevgeny Barsov

Yevgeny Barsov

The paths of Yevgeny Barsov and Surgut United Russia party diverged in 2017. The company Surgutstroytrest, which belonged to Barsov at that time, sat tightly on government contracts. One of them involved the construction of apartments under the program “Housing for the Russian family.” Surgutstroytrest was supposed to build the budget housing in the village of Bely Yar (Hydronamyv microdistrict), but the larger sums featured in tenders with Surgutstroytrest, the more difficult it was for the company to build.

The reconstruction of the polyclinic of the Surgut district clinical hospital, in which the Accounts Chamber found the overpricing of the amount of 3 million rubles ($46,000) that is ridiculous for Barsov, did not work for the developer close to the government. By the way, the auditors began to search only after Yevgeny Barsov left the ruling party. In the case of Bely Yar, Barsov, in his words, was prevented from building by unburied engineering communications, for which the municipality was responsible. At the same time, the land plot on which the construction is underway was leased by Surgutstroytrest and could delay the process of transferring land to another developer for years. Demarche of Yevgeny Barsov was to show the seriousness of his intentions. Further developments only confirmed it.

Surgutstroytrest began to grow poorer not by the day, but by the hour. Already in 2017, a bankruptcy lawsuit was filed against the developer. In 2018, a company with debts of 380.1 million rubles ($5.9mln) was sold to ex-deputy Mikhail Serdyuk. And here a lot of room for thought opens. It would seem that an asset with such debts should be sold, if not at a bargain price, then with a very large discount. However, judging by the way the Barsov declaration has swelled up, this cannot be said. 

Flew off the coils? 

Moreover, Yevgeny Barsov continued to take care of Surgutstroytrest and its projects. It is no coincidence that he was so eager to lead Bely Yar, barely returning to the Duma as an opposition figure. Some doubts creep into one’s mind – was this trade nominal? In this regard, the attempt to bring the deputy to responsibility for non-payment of salaries to employees of Surgutstroytrest, forgotten almost since 2016, looks like a minor dirty trick for the trick with the mandate. Or are deputies afraid that one internal investigation will pull a whole squall of others behind them?

Perhaps that is why law enforcement agencies are so diligently closing their eyes to Barsov's “aviation pranks”. When a deputy is called a keen aviator – this is not a duty compliment. On the ground, Barsov has to put up with deputies in the Duma and ex-deputies in business, but in the sky he does not tolerate any competition! Moreover, the deputies and security officials are not particularly keen on the sky. But amateur aircraft designer and president of the Polyot Aviation Club Sergey Shevchik enjoys the sky.

In 2014, Shevchik flew to the Crimea on an independently assembled plane. But only in their native Surgut Shevchik was met inhospitable. They do not like local Kulibin, because he decided to share the sky with Barsov himself and his club Surgutavia, although the enthusiast Shevchik just wanted to unite neighboring airfields and make a common runway for the clubs. Instead, the club was actually forced out of the region, and Shevchik and his relatives were repeatedly attacked.

Barsov himself calls Shevchik a man who destroys small aircraft in Surgut. When the deputy Barsov had not yet flung valuable party cards, the transport prosecutor’s office with all its might fell on Shevchik's Polyot and even tried to dictate to the Emergency Medicine Center of Emergency Situations from whom it was necessary to rent helicopter platforms in Surgut. For example, from Yevgeny Barsov, who turned part of the Borovaya airfield into a landfill. That is, there are more than enough reasons for investigations and inspections against the opposition leader Barsov. But they stubbornly do not notice them. Crows do not pick crow's eyes.




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