State Duma to prepare bill to control ex-officials’ revenue

State Duma to prepare bill to control ex-officials’ revenue
Ernest Valeev

First Deputy Head of the Duma Committee on Security and Combating Corruption Ernest Valeev (member of United Russia) is drafting a law on the control of income of former officials. The corresponding initiative was previously brought forward in the Prosecutor General’s Office, which also participates in drafting of the bill.

According to Valeev, the problem is that the mechanism of mandatory filing of tax returns or provision of false information by former government officials, who have retired, is not thought over.

“Let’s say we prescribe the obligation to account for income, and he (an ex-official) refuses to submit the declaration – how do we make him do this? We are now developing the mechanism. After all, it is achievable with a properly organized tax service,” the member of parliament says.

The deputy chairman of the Committee on Combating Corruption has not indicated a timeline for the draft legislation introduction in the State Duma, although he noted that “the work is not postponed to the distant future.”  

In accordance with the law, officials and deputies are required to submit an annual declaration of income before April 1. After being checked for two weeks, the income statement is published in the open access.

Let us recall that in July 2016, Head of Department for Supervision over the Implementation of Anticorruption Legislation of the Prosecutor General’s Office Aleksandr Rusetsky reported that the department had developed a draft law on the distribution of requirements on the control of income not only for existing employees, but for former employees as well. In particular, the draft law stated that the property acquired using unconfirmed revenues, or its cash equivalent, must be paid to the state.



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