State Duma ready to adopt article for concealment of serious crimes

State Duma ready to adopt article for concealment of serious crimes
Evgeny Marchenko

According to the deputies, the friend of the shooter knew about the upcoming massacre and could have prevented it.

The State Duma may introduce criminal liability in the form of imprisonment from two to five years for concealment of the impending and committed grave, and especially grave crimes, State Duma deputy Evgeny Marchenko proposed.

“The friend of the Kerch shooter knew about his plans. She did not tell anyone. Then the question arose about bringing her to justice for this, but this is impossible, since Art. 205.6 concerns the fight against terrorism,” the Petersburg Diary quotes Marchenko.

The deputy sent the bill for legal expertise to the United Russia faction. According to Marchenko, the punishment will cover the murder, robbery, smuggling on a large scale, severe economic articles, and corruption. If the crime does not have serious consequences, the citizen who keeps silence about its preparation will receive a fine of up to 100 thousand rubles, either in the amount of semi-annual income, or the year in the colony, or the year of correctional labor.

Recall that on October 17, 20 people died and about 50 people got injured as a result of an explosion and a mass execution at the Kerch Polytechnic College. The culprit of the tragedy, Vladislav Roslyakov, committed suicide.



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