State Duma proposes to allow drivers to appeal against traffic fines via Internet

State Duma proposes to allow drivers to appeal against traffic fines via Internet

The State Duma intends to develop a bill that will allow car owners to remotely cancel improperly issued fines. The system of appeal is proposed to simplify to one click.⁠

Technical errors in the decision to impose a fine received by mail will be the basis for the automatic cancellation of the document without the participation of the car owner. The First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for State Construction and Legislation, Vyacheslav Lysakov, told Parlamentskaya Gazeta (Parliamentary Newspaper).

The parliamentarian notes that at present the car owner has to go through a "whole chain of obstacles" in order to appeal the decision, up to the fact that sometimes it’s necessary to go to another city. "A person is not guilty, while verifying it was confirmed, but the issue can not be remotely solved. A technical mistake, but the car owner must suffer," he stresses.

According to Lysakov, the procedure for appealing against erroneous decisions "is too bureaucratized and needs to be simplified". He noted that at present the traffic police officers cannot abolish their own decision, even when they see a mistake. In this case, the driver must come and write a statement about the mistake or the prosecutor must pass a decision on the cancellation, the deputy says.

Lysakov notes that he plans to set about these problems soon. In his opinion, a unit that is authorized to write out fines by mail should have legal grounds to liquidate ‘defective’ regulations without the participation of drivers.

Mistakes, according to the parliamentarian, happen due to the fatigue of operators who check photo and video files. Mistakes will occur more often, as the number of cameras on the streets is growing, he is sure.

Lysakov plans to simplify the system of appealing administrative fines to one click. "For example, the car owner can click the button “not my number” on the state services website, in the penalties section, - the deputy explained. - After that the employees of the department who ordered the decision, once again check it and in case of justification of the claims send a fine to the basket." As a person is authorized on the state services website, his request will not look like an anonymous complaint, he concluded. 



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