State Duma deputy jumped from 200-meter bridge 

State Duma deputy jumped from 200-meter bridge
Still from the video

Dmitry Skrivanov posted a record of the jump in social networks.

Deputy Dmitry Skrivanov jumped from a bungee from a 200-meter bridge in the Skypark in Sochi, considered to be the highest point in Europe for bungee jumping. The parliamentarian posted a video of the jump on his Facebook page.

From the cadres it can be seen that it was not easy for Skrivanov to decide to jump. The deputy, as he said himself, even asked the instructor to push him. However, he refused. Then the parliamentarian, casting a glance at the video camera shooting him, timidly stepped into the abyss.

“It was an enchanting sensation! Feelings of overcome! And there was a thought in my head: and you, those who stood and watched, did not believe!” Skrivanov shared his feelings. Especially the deputy liked the free fall, during which he enjoyed the view.

Skrivanov also added that he would not have advised this kind of sport to colleagues on the State Duma, since "it is important that a person does not have problems with pressure and heart."

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