State Duma deputies declare real estate in 12 European countries

State Duma deputies declare real estate in 12 European countries

Russian State Duma PMs own foreign real estate only in Europe. This information is included in the declarations of deputies published on April 13.

Spain is among the European countries where the real estate of Russian deputies is concentrated. In this country, 9 deputies and their wives own mansions, apartments, or land plots.

In particular, Aleksandr Bryksin, Nikolay Valuev (wife's house), Andrey Baryshev, Vadim Belousov (his wife owns an apartment and a plot of land), Valery Gazzaev, Umakhan Umakhanov (wife’s house), Konstantin Zatulin, Arkady Ponomaryov, and Andrey Chernyshev (a residential unit) indicated Spanish property in their declarations.

Bulgaria is second in terms of popularity for the acquisition of real estate by State Duma deputies and their families. The following deputies own property in this country – Sergey Vostretsov, Yury Oleynikov, and Sergey Pakhomov’s wife.

Property in Finland is indicated in two deputies’ income declaration – a plot of land owned by Vladimir Katenev’s wife and a farmstead of Rifat Shaykhutdinov. Moreover, Shaykhutdinov’s wife owns a house in Italy.

In addition, Russian deputies have property in other countries. Vladislav Tretyak owns real estate in Latvia, Vladimir Blotsky has a house and a plot in the UK, Sergey Kryuchek has an apartment in Ukraine, and Orate Arshby and his wife have property in Georgia and Belarus. The wives of other deputies have declared real estate in Europe – the wife of Valery Gartung owns property in Cyprus and Switzerland, and the wife of Andrey Golushko has real estate in France.

In total, 21 out of 446 State Duma deputies (and their wives) are owners of property abroad, according to the declarations.



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