State Duma bans the military from sharing information on Internet and in media

State Duma bans the military from sharing information on Internet and in media

The ban concerns photo-, video- and geodata containing information about official activities.

Thursday saw the State Duma adopting in first reading a government bill banning servicemen from posting information about themselves or other military officers on the Internet and in the media.

The military are not allowed to share photos and videos, geolocation data and other information about themselves and other officers.

It is about data that allow to disclose departmental affiliation, information about service activities, military units and divisions and the place of their deployment.

The restriction also applies to foreign military personnel.

The ban will target both contract soldiers and conscripts, explained Deputy Defense Minister Nikolay Pankov. At the same time, he noted that the law does not impose any restrictions on the wives of the Russian military.

The explanatory note to the law reads that an analysis of the activities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other troops, military formations and agencies, including during their use in Syria, showed that the military are of particular interest to the special services of certain states, terrorist and extremist organizations.

The information posted by military officers on the Internet or in the media is used for informational and psychological pressure, as well as to form a biased assessment of the state policy of the Russian Federation in some cases, the document says.

The proposed bill does not apply to citizens dismissed from military service.

The disciplinary regulations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation provide for bringing to disciplinary responsibility by the authority of the relevant commander for violation of the prohibition.

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