State companies will celebrate New Year in 4 trillion rubles

State companies will celebrate New Year in 4 trillion rubles

The Audit Chamber will check the expenditures of state companies, which want to celebrate the New Year in a big way, despite the crisis.⁠

At the end of 2016 the Audit Chamber (AC) considers the purchase of state companies, the shares of which are owned by legal entities, for the first time. This was reported by Izvestia referring to the press-service of the agency. The AC explained that it previously checked only those companies that are fully owned by the state.

In 2015 the Audit Chamber experts revealed about 500 violations in the implementation of procurement totaling more than 125 billion rubles. Corporations, which shares owned by legal entities, may choose the executive of the state order. This leads to the fact that they contract with a convenient supplier.

The total volume of public procurement to November 1, 2016 amounted to 4.4 trillion rubles. This amount is only 0.5% less than in 2015. Public corporations and municipal authorities do not intend to limit itself in the celebration of the New Year. The first auction associated with the New Year celebrations held back in May - a small town of Uglegorsk in the Amur region, where only 10 thousand people live, announced the purchase of jewelry for squares and parks. The cost of the tender was 1 million rubles.

Among the tenders placed on the site of RTS-tender, the most expensive  is the organization of celebrations and festivals in Moscow Manor of Ded Moroz (5.5 million rubles). More than 4 million rubles will be spent on the design of the North-Western Administrative District of the capital. And airport Sheremetyevo corporate staff will spend about 3.5 million rubles. This is several times higher than the amount to which the Christmas and New Year celebrations will cost to other cities of Russia: Solnechnogorsk allocated 300 thousand rubles, Orel will spend on a city holiday 55 thousand rubles.

According to the expert, the government technology center director of the Institute of Applied Economic Research RANHiGS Nikolai Yuzhakov, State Duma deputies, who claim the costs of public companies for the year, should exclude from it spendings on corporate events. He also noted that those state-owned companies that are not owned by the state, but legal persons continue to be state-owned companies, so they can not spend money, which they earn for the country, for their personal needs.



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