St. Petersburg police ready to leave 

St. Petersburg police ready to leave
"Petersburg, brace yourself!" Photo: The CrimeRussia

"St. Petersburg, hold on!" Such words are voiced by colleagues from all over Russia. Auditors from the central apparatus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation headed by General Eduard Sobol brought not just shock and awe, but also unique methods of dealing with negligent workers. Today audit includes not only physical fitness checks and passing shooting standards but also searches for personal belongings and employees' vehicles. What does the police department of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region face. The CrimeRussia will check.

Stop, jab jab!

Today, the workers of the central board on Suvorovsky Avenue are sitting on the go-bag. They lie, wait and argue: is it necessary to take these small suitcases with you, as not so long ago, the Interior Ministry recognized them not-obligatory. But where this order, operatives ask each other. It is better to bring them. On April 5, shooting and physical training will take place. Employees will be made to the forest.


General Eduard Sobol inspects St. Petersburg police

On the eve, they had already declared a "general assembly," but no one went there. The cops sat in the office, waiting from 10 am to 2 am, after which they were allowed to disperse. 

In the meantime, the inspection gained momentum in the districts. So, General Eduard Sobol suddenly visited the Admiralty Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and all the St. Petersburg media outlets wrote about several dozen units of alcohol seized from the district authorities. His brigade of 43 people broke into groups and penetrated the district police departments. The Primorsky Ministry of Internal Affairs was still sitting on the go-bag and waited all day for the visit of the auditors. At this time, the entire staff of the Kirovsky was on the building, and the Krasnoselsky district department had already set up tents in the forest to repel an attack of NATO forces.


Meanwhile, another group of auditors was already located in a building on Mytnenskaya Street, within the limits of the location of the Central Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the 76th Police Department. The results of this visit are already known. According to some data, the deputy head of the 76th police department, Feyzulla Heydarov, and the head of the Central MIA, Vyacheslav Mironkin, were removed. According to some reports, the resignation of the latter was associated with violations that were found by the auditors.

As The CrimeRussia was able to find out, the official report of Colonel Mironkin covers such defects as “dirty floors” and “unborne trash,” he also checks the “bad handwriting” in KUSP - the crime registration book.

According to others, the auditors from Moscow stumbled upon unregistered statements, that is, denial. And this is an entirely different level of offense.

As it turned out, this is the norm for the 76th police department. “In the 76th, the operational duty officer immediately refutes the victims,” the policeman shares knowledge of the situation. “He doesn't even ask what happened. The police officer tells that 'your shit will not be registered.”

What is in your pocket?

As it has already become known, a commission from the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at 22:00 announced an alarm in the Central District after preliminary daily inspections. According to the sources, the employees additionally “blew on the breathalyzer” - they checked who of the police officers allowed himself to drink in the workplace.

Remote districts had to march, shoot and walk in gas masks on command, sing the Russian national anthem and live in the woods in tents. Late in the evening of April 2, the new head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg, Major General of Police Roman Plugin, announced the headquarters gathering of personnel. The duty officer of the city reported this to all units and services. So St. Petersburg faces exercises.


Roman Plugin

The legend of these exercises was as follows: the personnel "repels the attack of a potential enemy" on the borders of the city and region. They were taken to the fields and forests for practicing the necessary skills of the police.

So, traffic police officers from the Primorsky district were located near the village near Kingisepp (one of the farthest corners of the Leningrad region). A tent camp was deployed here at night. In the morning, classes began: shooting, cleaning weapons, then - the theoretical part, testing physical training, passing and retake tests, testing knowledge of the administrative and criminal practice. 

The next day after the exercise, the St. Petersburg police officers were waiting for another test - passing psychological testing to determine the moral climate at the headquarters.

It's necessary to say that the sharp gestures of Major General Plugin had a demoralizing effect on many heads of regional divisions. In a remote district department of the Leningrad region, Podporozhsky, the MIA head, police colonel Yevgeny Rudenko, for example, after conducting a morning training camp, forced the uniformed staff to remove the melting snow outside the department building. It is necessary to say that the snow lay on the lawn and decisively melted under the spring sun.




However, the nervous state of the heads of regional divisions is quite understandable. After all, colleagues who have already faced the team of auditors, still cannot recover. According to sources, the brigade of General Sobol searches the personal belongings (outerwear) of employees with the words: “What's in your pockets?” Subsequently, all private vehicles were loaded onto evacuators and taken away.

He is worse than Sukhodolsky

Today, the entire staff of the St. Petersburg Central Board is at a loss. Everyone knew that the purge is coming and somehow affect the leaders. But they guessed that General Plugin would decide to 'shake' the personnel in this way, but still hoped for the wisdom of the decisions of the new chief.

Naturally, the verification of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs has the goal of collecting shortcomings and facts of poor work. To subsequently have an official reason for the resignation of the deputies in the head office, which personally supervise the work of the regional departments.

“His most important goal,” say sources, “is to obtain grounds for the immediate release of the positions he needs. The second goal is to terrorize new subordinates.”

Some sources note that this practice of terror has been used since the 2000s. The new bosses demonstrate their cool temper by organizing audits, alarms, checks for safes and desktops in the course of each piece of paper. The mission of the new bosses is one - to show that the new leadership is steeper than the old one and it will bring order there.

“The Moscow check-up is always like a meteorite, everyone knows what will appear, but they don’t know when it will fall and what will happen next...”, the police comment on the horrors of the St. Petersburg inspection. Everyone is sitting in suspense in the building on Suvorovsky. They say that the capital auditors will “raid the cabinets” and check all the computers.


Other sources say that such a dashing army shows General Plugin's impotence. “Nobody prevented him from silently taking two or three people, several personnel officers, selecting their mobile phones in advance (not giving time to warn anyone) and personally take a ride around the districts,” our sources say. But the general task of the General is entirely different - he urgently needs to show that he is here and will bring order.

“He is worse than Sukhodolsky,” the police write in messengers. As an example, they cite the story of Colonel Ilyin. The old residents of the MIA say “that he regularly collect and report upward information on Colonel Ilyin. This is an awful act.”


Mikhail Ilyin 

It is not yet clear how the city administration will react to future changes - the scale of the forthcoming resignations. After all, many district leaders are not so good - excellent relations with the authorities have their own patrons. MIA employees meanwhile adhere to gloomy forecasts for the future. They predict the mass exodus of ordinary employees. Many believe that the current inspections are only the beginning of the cruel 'performance' of General Plugin. Some say that if he goes too far, he will not stay long in St. Petersburg.



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