St. Petersburg police first blood  

St. Petersburg police first blood
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According to preliminary data, supervising General Eduard Sobol will leave St. Petersburg with his team of auditors this weekend. The Moscow check found numerous violations. The management team bears personnel losses; ordinary employees sigh with relief.

Stars way

Today, many of the deputies of the new head of the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region General Roman Plugin take sike leave. Documents for General Vlasov are now signed by a protégé of the General - the newly appointed deputy in the Leningrad region, Colonel Dmitry Baranov.


Dmitry Baranov

The ordinary staff of the MIA recognizes this situation as siege. “The bosses are taking sick leave,” they say on the sidelines. “After the story with the secretaries, everyone is waiting for the end of the audit.”

The so-called secretarial case has already made a lot of noise in the northern capital. The essence of the story is as follows: Moscow inspectors found that the secretaries of all deputies in the head office were registered as operational personnel according to the staff list, and they receive the salary as officers. Even though it is a common thing for many law enforcement agencies, military, and other institutions, the Moscow officers considered that a gross disciplinary violation. Major General Roman Plugin reprimanded all heads of departments, as well as his deputies. As some media outlets wrote, the clerks are afraid that Plugin would decide to launch a criminal case. Rumors appeared that the General wants to return all illegal monetary rewards to the cashier's office of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is not yet clear whether the new leader will put into effect all of these threats or they get off with reprimands and other disciplinary punishments.


New Head of the St. Petersburg Ministry of Internal Affairs Roman Plugin (on the left)

None of the management team want to stand up for their assistants. The deputies and the heads of departments hurried to call in sick. Only General Nikolay Rogov filed a resignation report on April 10 against the background of the scandalous story with the secretaries. The 61-year-old General considered such a statement too biased. Police chief Sergey Strelyin and Alexey Kuznetsov, chief criminal investigator Igor Paradeev also got reprimands. Alexey Brilliantov, the head of the Economic and Economic Crimes Department, faces the resignation.

Everyone is free from their duties

Everybody knew and understood that the first victim would be the economic security division (UBEP). In addition to the criminal investigation, UBEP is one of the leading departments of any MIA. From the very first day of the Roman Plugin’s appointment to the post of the St. Petersburg police Head, it was clear that the Moscow General is going to hire his person for the position of UBEP Head. Therefore, the resignation of Brilliantov and his deputy Denis Mikhailov for both of them was not a surprise. Also, UBEP became one of the first directorates, which was subjected to a rigorous examination of Moscow. As local operatives told our edition, the capital's auditors raided everything and mocked officers for the use of chargers for telephones in the workplace. That is a severe violation, because they charge their cell phones at the expense of the State Interior Department, and the department "pays a lot for electricity." Of course, everyone understood that such illogical claims are only a formal reason to evaluate the work of the entire administration unsatisfactorily and give Plugin a reason to dismiss the managers.


Ex-chief Alexey Brilliantov

Now both colonels are at the disposal of the personnel department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from where they have to send orders for a new duty station. It’s difficult to say where they will be transferred, but their careers go well.

General Konstantin Vlasov, and head of logistics Ivan Abakumov are next. 


Konstantin Vlasov

The first has poor health to fight for the post, and the second may be dismissed - the “chief supply manager” is a difficult post, and Roman Plugin also wants to hire his friend.

The main thing is still to come

In addition to the leadership, the central board lost some regional divisions. So, after the scandal with unregistered crimes, the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Central District of St. Petersburg, Colonel Vyacheslav Mironkin, lost his post. He left the service on his own. Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region Alexander Sukharikov follows his fate. The Moscow General reprimanded the Vsevolozhsk subordinate in his absence, which looks "unsportsmanlike," as the police say. In response, Sukharikov filed a report, having to do General dirt.


Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region Alexander Sukharikov

As we have already written, the Vsevolozhsk region of the Leningrad region is very complex territory. Gypsy barons historically live there, they trade in drugs and are engaged in the production of fake alcohol, and many respected people in business and officials have estates in this area. People are fighting for golden land of Vsevolozhsk. It is enough to recall stories about the arrest of the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad region, Sergey Karavaev, and his father-businessman. They are suspected of fraud on a large scale. The Investigative Committee arrested both of them. 350 thousand inhabitants live there; the police face a lot of crimes. However, Sukharikov managed to withdraw his district from the blacklist of hopeless. The situation will now change; it is not difficult to predict. Most likely, General Plugin will have to regret the wrong words spoken seriously. After all, his new deputy Dmitry Baranov will be responsible for the criminogenic situation in the Leningrad region.

However, the whole situation with the resignations was predicted in advance and carried exclusively political reasons. The results of the last test will be unsatisfactory, which will allow the General to repeat the audit after eight months to show how the work of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region has changed under his strict guidance.

The poor work of his predecessor Sergey Umnov's managers also gives him an opportunity to place his employees in St. Petersburg and change all of the management team. 

Ordinary employees support ongoing changes. Many believe that the Umnov's team is outdated and new staff will change the situation. “If only the new ones turned out to be normal guys, and did not torment with constant checks,” officers write in police forums. What will be the next steps of General Plugin and who of his team will occupy the vacant positions, we will know very soon. In late April - early May, the Interior Minister will announce an assessment for the work supplied by the Moscow auditors. But we already know the results.



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