Speaker of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly lives in mansion at city expense

Speaker of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly lives in mansion at city expense
Vyacheslav Makarov

The cost of land under the cottage is estimated at 300 million rubles ($4.6m).

In the village of Solnechnoye on the shores of the Gulf of Finland there is the K-13 Residence, where the city’s spokesperson Vyacheslav Makarov lives at the expense of the town. Makarov is taken on armored Mercedes. Land under the state residence worth about 300 million rubles. Novaya Gazeta reports that the representatives of the Governor’s Office Speaker didn’t explain the reason on which Makarov enjoyed such privileges.

K-13 Residence is a two-story mansion, a one-story house with an attic, and one smaller one, presumably a bath. At the same time, only two non-residential buildings are put on cadastral registration. Protection of the facility costs more than 130 thousand rubles per month. The utility maintenance is expensive too. The journalists managed to find contracts for 2015, where gas supply cost 51 thousand rubles, and communications and the Internet - 523 thousand rubles per year.

Makarov's annual income is 4 million rubles, his wife - 164 thousand rubles. In 2015–2016, the speaker rented three houses in Solnechny from the state-owned enterprise for 10 years, which were built for lonely disabled children, former prisoners of concentration camps, blockade-disabled people and other benefit recipients. After the Novaya Gazeta material was published, the tenants were replaced by entrepreneurs familiar to Makarov.



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