Сonstitutional Сourt explained rules of officials' undeclared property seizure

Сonstitutional Сourt explained rules of officials' undeclared property seizure

The Russian Constitutional Court issued a judgment, in which explains how to apply the rules on seizure of property purchased by officials and their family members on undeclared income.

Fontanka reports that if the official income does not agree with the charges, he is not obliged to part with all the falsely declared property. Instead, it is necessary to sell and pay to the treasury the portion of the property purchased on unsubstantiated income.

Clarifying rules document, which mitigates the punishment in the case of wrongly declared officials’ property, is published on the website of the Constitutional Court.

It should be noted that the reason for the request becomes the request of the Bashkortostan Supreme Court, which considers the case of spouses Evgenia and Alexey Kolesniks. A woman is working in the Administration of the Sterlitamak district, her husband is a businessman.

In 2012, Alexey Kolesnik acquired Daewoo Novus truck for 2.8 million rubles. The official did not indicated in the declaration on what means the truck was bought. However, it is officially declared that the total family income for three years is 2.7 million rubles. Later, Evgenia Kolesnik has explained the origin of the money, but the cost of the car the court has sought in favor of the state in accordance with Article 235 of the Civil Code and Article 17 of the Law "On the control of the relevant persons spending holding public office."



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