Some American media outlets may be declared undesirable in Russia

Some American media outlets may be declared undesirable in Russia

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation is considering whether to recognize a number of American media undesirable in the country.

The agency and other "competent authorities" started considering the issue after the October 5 meeting of the working group with the Federation Council commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty, the agency reported. The meeting covered the pressure the US authorities put on the Russian media working in America, as well as what the American media is doing in Russia.

The news was reported by Interfax that cited informed sources. They do not specify exactly which media outlets are being discussed.

In particular, speaking of the demand made by the US Justice Department that the RT channel must be registered as a "foreign agent", the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) stated that Russia had "enough leverage" for retaliatory measures in case the situation gets worse. At the same time, he noted that no violations in the work of American media have been revealed yet.

In May 2017, United Russia accused the US media of trying to interfere with Russia's domestic policy, including during the recent elections to the State Duma. The party’s report mentioned Voice of America, Radio Liberty and CNN.

The US authorities accused Russia of trying to interfere with the 2016 presidential elections through propaganda. RT and Sputnik tend to be mentioned as its means. In September 2017, the US Ministry of Justice demanded that RT had to register as a foreign agent.



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