Sobyanin: Rally organizers wanted to drag participants in turmoil

Sobyanin: Rally organizers wanted to drag participants in turmoil

According to the Moscow mayor, many participants in the protests had nothing to do with Moscow.

On the air of Russia-1, Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin said the organizers of rallies in Moscow tried to drag protesters into riots.

“Obviously, not all who came to the rally expected such a development of events, but the organizers, apparently, really wanted to drag them into unrest. Many participants in the riots had nothing to do with Moscow, let alone the elections to the Moscow City Duma. I am sure that Moscow residents understand this well,” Sobyanin said.

“This is not for the good of people, but for the sake of someone’s political, narrowly selfish goals,” the mayor added.

The unauthorized rally of July 27 lasted more than seven hours. The reason for it was the refusal to register a number of independent candidates for the Moscow City Duma, including Lyubov Sobol, Dmitry Gudkov, and Ilya Yashin. According to police, 1074 people were detained at the rally. OVD-Info reported about 1373 participants.

The second rally was held on August 3. About 685 detainees have been reported. According to the police, about 600 people have been taken to police station. The number of protesters has been estimated at 1,500 people.

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