Six parties enter to State Duma after processing 80% of ballots

Six parties enter to State Duma after processing 80% of ballots

With 80% of all ballots processed, Edinaya Rossiya (the United Russia) is leading in the elections to the State Duma for the Federal District with a result of 54.28%.

KPRF, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation continues to hold second place with 13.61%; third place goes to LDPR (the Liberal Democratic Party), who has 13.37% of votes. Spravedlivaya Rossiya ranks fourth (6.17%). Non-parliamentary parties have failed to overcome both the five-percent and three-percent barrier on party lists.

The number of parliamentary parties entering the State Duma for single-mandate electoral districts has been previously reduced from three to two due to Partiya Rosta losing its leadership in the only single-mandate electoral district, which, according to preliminary voting data, could have provided a deputy mandate for the party.

As a result, only the non-parliamentary parties Rodina and Grazhdanskaya platforma claim seats in the Duma (each has won in one electoral district). In total, six parties have won seats in the lower chamber of Parliament.

With 80% of the votes counted, Edinaya Rossiya wins the election for single-mandate electoral districts, holding 203 out of 225 seats. Candidates nominated by KPRF and Spravedlivaya Rossiya have retained their positions in seven single-mandate districts, and LDPR in five of those. In addition, a self-nominated candidate Vladislav Reznik of Edinaya Rossiya wins in district N1, Adygea.

While only 80 % of protocols have been processed, turnout averages 47.91%. Final turnout figures will be announced at a briefing at the Central Electoral Commission at 10 am.

Edinaya Rossiya wins in 13 out of 15 single-mandate districts in Moscow; according to Interfax, both Spravedlivaya Rossiya and KPRF have retained a single-mandate district.

Thus, with 87 % of the ballots counted, Assistant to the Prime Minister, the former Head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko of Edinaya Rossiya wins in district N206, Tushino, with 25.45% of votes, leaving Yabloko candidate Dmitry Gudkov in second place.

Holding a large margin, Edinaya Rossiya Deputy and Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the VI convocation Sergey Zheleznyak ranks first in the Perovsky district with a score of 44.51% (with 67.77% of the protocols processed), leaving a KPRF candidate behind (11.31%).

Member of Edinaya Rossiya and First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee of the VI convocation on Constitutional Legislation and State Building Vyacheslav Lysakov is leading in the Kuntsevo single-mandate district, where over 74% of ballots have been processed; Lysakov has 30.05% of votes.

By the results of 55.87% of ballots processed, another Edinaya Rossiya member Anton Zharkov wins in the Preobrazhensky district, outpacing TV presenter and journalist Anatoly Vasserman Spravedlivaya Rossiya, 19.18%).

With almost half of the votes counted, Senator of Edinaya Rossiya Dmitry Sablin (47.44%) ranks first in the Novomoskovsk district, leaving his closest competitor of KPRF with 9.55%.

Edinaya Rossiya candidate, TV presenter Pyotr Tolstoy (48.45% out of 77.59% of the votes processed) is lading in the Lyublino district. Chairman of the Commission for the Development of Science and Education of the Public Chamber of Russia Lyubov Dukhanina representing Edinaya Rossiya firmly holds the first position in the Orekhovo-Borisovo district (42.38% of votes out of 65,04% of the votes counted).

Several more Edinaya Rossiya candidates, including Irina Belykh (Khovrino district, 34.75% of the votes), Ivan Teterin (Babushkinskoe district, 35.03%), Nikolay Gonchar (Central district, 34.13%), Dmitry Morozov (Cheryomushki district, 34.79%), and Anatoly Vyborny (Chertanovo district, 38.63%) all rank first.

Representatives of other parties lead only in two Moscow districts. They are Galina Khovanskaya of Spravedlivaya Rossiya (31.11%) in the Leningrad district and Denis Parfyonov of KPRF (19.36%) in the Medvedkovo district. 



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