Shuvalov was caught in owning 10 apartments in one of Stalin’s skyscrapers  

Shuvalov was caught in owning 10 apartments in one of Stalin’s skyscrapers
First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov

According to the founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) Alexei Navalny, the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, who earlier became the author of the meme about the buyers of 20 square meters apartments, is the owner of a dozen apartments on the 14th floor of a skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment.

Navalny claims that the total area of ​​apartments belonging to Shuvalov is 710 square meters, and they cost about 600 million rubles. The FBK founder said that the apartments were acquired in 2014 by Shuvalov’s former classmate and lawyer, Sergei Kotlyarenko, who asked the owners of the given apartments to sell the real estate literally "at any price". "Apparently, these 10 apartments will be combined into one big one. Or more than ten, the process of buying has clearly not been completed. The joint apartment of 1,000 square meters, given the history of the house, panoramic views, marble entrances and fresh repair of the building, would be probably the most expensive and impressive apartment in the capital", said Navalny.

According to him, the engrossment of the flats started in April 2014, and the last of them was acquired in May 2016. The politician said that he and his team "have no doubt that Kotlyarenko buys apartments in the high-rise building without bargaining for Shuvalov. Paying Shuvalov’s money". There is no concrete evidence that Kotlyarenko bought property for Shuvalov and for his money in the FBK publication. Kotlyarenko’s and Shuvalov’s representatives did not deny the published data.

Данные о скупаемых Котляренко квартирах в доме на Котельнической набережной с сайта Навального

The anti-corruption campaigners, in order to confirm their version, cited a similar story as the example, where three apartments in Kosygin’s house were bought by Kotlyarenko and then were passed to property of Shuvalov’s family firm Owl Estate. The politician’s apartment in London stands in the name of the firm as well. Overall, the First Deputy Prime Minister, according to FBK, owns 13 apartments in Moscow with a total area of ​​1.2 thousand square meters, which Shuvalov never mentioned in his declarations (the apartment of 412.7 square meters and the land of 134.3 square meters are listed in the document in 2015).

The politician also owns the apartment in London worth £ 12 million pounds, a castle in Austria, Suslov’s cottage in Zarechye, land plots and a collection of vintage cars.

How are Shuvalov and Kotlyarenko linked?

Юрист Сергей Котляренко

Navalny found that the lawyer and founder of several consulting and real estate-related companies Sergey Kotlyarenko as well as Igor Shuvalov, in 1993, graduated from the Law Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

"Since 1999, Kotlyarenko’s career is inextricably linked to one official, Igor Shuvalov. Shuvalov procured his labor everywhere where he served as an official", said the anti-corruption campaigner. Indeed, Kotlyarenko and Shuvalov held positions in the Federal Property Management Agency, the Office of the Government and the Presidential Administration at the same time.

Also, the lawyer worked with Shuvalov’s family assets, in particular, he has become an independent person of the "blind trust" to which the assets belonging to Shuvalov were transferred after he occupied a public office.

That very joke about the economy housing 

On June 17, during his speech, Shuvalov advised Russians to abandon the "humiliating" term of "economy housing" when referring to a standard apartment of 20-100 square meters for a typical family.

"We need to stop doing this. Because in Russian it sometimes sounds humiliating, and people ask questions: what kind of economy-class housing", said Shuvalov. According to the First Deputy Prime Minister, in this case, you should go back to the term "affordable housing". He recalled that the relevant project was launched by the authorities in 2006, that is what it was called, but then it gradually began to be called "economy housing".

A few days before that, during his visit to Kazan, Shuvalov commented on the purchase of small-sized housing by the Russian citizens. He said that the area is not that important as the way in which the owner will use it.

"They showed us today an apartment of 20 square meters. It seems ridiculous, but people buy such housing, and it is very popular, and there is a niche in the market for such housing", he said. Then on his words on the pages The Times, the British journalist Marc Bennetts commented on: he reminded the readers that Shuvalov owns an apartment in London of almost 500 square meters with six bedrooms and views of the River Thames.

The topic of affordable housing was brought up by the Deputy Prime Minister earlier as well: in 2015, at a meeting with the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, he said that the near future was, in his opinion, the most appropriate time for the improvement of living conditions and advised Russians to begin to buy apartments.

Высотка на Котельнической набережной

Photo: Moscow's Kotelnicheskaya embankment

The official comment 

After the information about the apartments, the representative of the politician in a commentary told Kommersant that all of these assets are held in trust.

A similar statement was made by Kotlyarenko’s representatives: "We do not comment on the specific case, but in general the practice, the real estate can be purchased by the investment managers of as the part of asset management strategy."



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