Shuvalov's wife told about the dogs traveling in private plane

Shuvalov's wife told about the dogs traveling in private plane
Vice-Premier's wife Olga Shuvalova

Olga Shuvalova herself has confirmed the information to FBC representatives, saying that her dogs fly "to defend the honor of Russia".

Wife of the Deputy Head of Government Olga Shuvalova has confirmed to the Anticorruption Foundation (FBK) the information that was earlier circulated, that she takes her сorgis to international exhibitions on private aircraft.

"We on our plane, the declared, we take our dogs to the exhibitions. By the way, on the international level, to defend the honor of Russia ", she said.

Previously, the staff of the Foundation had reported that Shuvalov's family spent 40 million rubles per year on flights for corgis. According to FBK, they were transported on an undeclared Bombardier Global Express jet, which for the last year has made 18 flights to Salzburg, where Shuvalov's private castle is located.

Earlier the FBK Foundation found Shuvalov's ten undeclared apartments on the 14th floor of a residential building on Kotelnicheskaya waterfront. Then it turned out that the Deputy Prime Minister's representative has renovated them at city expense, and later he demanded to purchase a part of the lobby on the floor.

Shuvalov's lawyer Sergei Kotlyarenko, representing his interests, confirmed that he really bought the apartments for the Vice-Premier's family. At the same time, he denied a conflict of interest in this case, stating that the Vice-Premier does not share information with him about "preparing important government decisions."



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